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Letter from Sarah Ann Lamar Law, 9 Feb 1920

This is copied from the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Oct 29, 1905. Lamars were French (Lamar's) a great Huganot (sic) family. The nobility from France.

Three brothers, Thomas, John, William Lamar emigrant from France to England then Virginia then to Maryland.

Justice L.Q.C. Lamar of the United States Supreme Court resided in Mississippi. Mirabeau Lamar president of Texas was one of the Lamar. Col Henry Lamar of Macon Ga. Col W.B. Lamar was congressman from Fla. Col Zachariah whose splendid monument in Milledgeville most imposing shaft there.

Where ever the Lamars have been found there has always been found superior gift belonging to them, have always been leaders, noted for their courtesy and their property. Always stood for the highest where ever they have been found.

My grandfather was Zachariah Lamar born in Putman Co. Ga. Married Kate Richardson of Cave Springs Ga. They had four sons, Zachariah, John Obediah and Dent Lamar (my father - your grandfather), one sister Rebecca. (Father) Dent Lamar came to Ala with with (sic) mother (Kate Lamar) when 13 years old, ???? [rode] behind his mother on her little pony to enter some land in Autauga Co. It is known as the John Lamar place near Independance. His mother went back to Ga. and died there.

Dent Lamar married Martha Gardner Moss of Dallas Co. Ala. They had eight children, Mirabeau John, Sarah, Law, Obediah, Moss & Mary Epps Smith.

2nd wife was Sarah Elizabeth Law of Wetumpka, Ala. (She was your grandmother) 2nd wife had four children Law (your father) Ernest, Frances? Marion and Kate Lamar Reese. Dent Lamar was a prosperious (sic) farmer. around 150 slaves When first wife died he moved to Selma to educate his children. bought property - Lamar street was a grove he built and around all houses on Lamar Street (was named for him). He bought the large brick building on Water Street near L. N. Railroad - went in whole sale grocery business with James Barnes - At close of war his property in Selma was valued at $50,000.

This paper was written for Clifford & Rachel by Aunt Sallie Lamar Law
Montgomery Ala. Feb 9, 1920 - (80 years old)

My eldest brother Mirabeau Lamar was named for President Mirabeau Lamar of Texas

Mirabeau Lamar & L.Q.C. Lamar visited my father