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History Of Distinguished Families and Personages.


A House Which Contributed Much To The Cause Of The Colonies In Their Struggle For Freedom.

By Emily Emerson Lantz.

[Continued From Last Week.]

Arms--Gules, two lions passant gardant, in pale, or.

Crest--A mermaid ppr., a mirror in the sinister and a comb in the dexter hand, crined, or.

Having followed last week the history of the Lamar or Lemaire family, of Wicre Flanders, from the immigration of Thomas and Peter Lemaire (or Lamore) to the United States from France, it may be interesting to mention that the family name, Le Maire of Marne, as represented in Champagne, Flanders and Nivernais, is found in the lists of the nobility of France. Almost all the french provinces have produced noble families by the name of Lamaire or Le Maire. One of them occupies Champagne from which province came Eudes Le Maire, who in 1085 made a journey to the Holy Land on foot, in place and stead of Philippe I. The Le Maire de Marnes, of Champagne, may or may not be descended from Crusader Eudes. The earliest authentic fact in regard to them is the death of Loys Le Mair at the siege of ath, Belgium, in 1667, which fortress town was the scene of many bloody conflicts. A great-great-grandson of this Loys, Francois Auguste Le Maire de Marne, of the Nivernais, in 1806 married and English woman, Mary Worrall, and such English names as Edwin, Mary Louisa and Amanda are found among their children.

Among the alliances of the Le Maire de Marnes are: Jacquemart de Douys, Desmolin de la Mairie, Coquelet de Monbrehem, Durand d'Elecourt, Worrall, Juchereau de Saint Denis, Gondier de Craie, tiersonnier de Meance, O'Tard de la Grange, de Sazilly, etc.

The arms of Le Maire de Marne, Champagne, flanders and Nivernais are:

Arms--D'argent, a la croix, ancree de gueules, cantonnee de quatre etoiles de meme.

L'ecu timbre d'un casque de chevalier orne de ses lambrequins.

The descent from the two sons of Thomas Lamar by his first and second wives follows in separate charts.

The son of Thomas Lamar, emigrant from France to Virginia and thence to Maryland, and Mary, his first wife, was (1) Thomas Lamar 2d, who married Martha, supposed to be Martha Urquhart. The children of Thos. Lamar, probably by his second wife, Ann (Pottinger), were:

(2) John Lamar, who married Susannah Tyler. Their children were: (a) Dr. Thos. Lamar, who married a Mrs. Hill, of Prince George's county, by whom he had no children. They removed to the Madeira islands and thence to London, where Dr. Lamar died a man of large wealth. (b) John Lamar, who died in 1756. He married Sarah Pigman. Their children were: (I) Jacob Lamar, (II) John Lamar, (III) Mack Lamar, (IV) William Bishop Lamar, (V) Susannah Lamar, (VI) Rebecca Lamar. (c) Robert Lamar, who married Sarah -----.

The children of Robert and Sarah Lamar were: (1) William Lamar, who married Margaret Worthington; (2) Priscilla Lamar, who married James Drane, (3) Richard Lamar, (4) Mareen Lamar, (5) Elizabeth Lamar, who married John Simpkins, of Alleghany county. (d) Susanna Lamar, who married Alexander Magruder, of Prince George's county, Md.; (e) Ann Lamar, who married Dr. John Briscoe 3d, father of Dr. John Briscoe 4th. She was his second wife. His first wife was Elizabeth McMillan, of Prince George's county. Ann had no children. (f) Mary Lamar, (g) Elizabeth Lamar, (h)Mareen Lamar, (i) Richard Lamar, (j) Rachel Lamar, (k) Priscilla Lamar.

The children of Thomas and Martha (Urquhart?) Lamar were (1) Robert Lamar, who removed to South Carolina about 1775 and had one son, also Robert Lamar, who married and had the following children: (a) Philip Lamar, (b) James Lamar, (c) Thomas Lamar; (2) Samuel Lamar, who married and removed to Beaufort county, South Carolina; (3) Alexander Lamar; (4) John Lamar, who married Rachel -----; (5) James Lamar, who married Valinda -----; (6) a daughter, who married William Williams; (7) Mary Lamar, who married Clementius Davis; (8) Thomas Lamar, who married Eleanor -----; (9) Elizabeth Lamar, who married Joseph Wilson, of Montgomery county.

The children of John and Rachel ----- Lamar were (1) Zachariah Lamar, who married. (2) John Lamar, who married. (3) Thomas Lamar, who lived in Georgia and whose children were (a) Rebecca Lamar, who married her first cousin, John Lamar, of the fifth generation, son of John Lamar; (b) a daughter, who married a Mr. Jeter; (c) Zacharias Lamar, who married and whose children were (I) Andrew J. Lamar, (II) John B. Lamar, (III) Mary Ann Lamar, who married Gen. Howell Cobb and whose children were John Addison Cobb, Major Lamar Cobb, Judge Howell Cobb, Mary Ann Cobb, who married Judge Alexander S. Erwin; Sarah Mildred Cobb, who married Tinsley W. Rucker, and Judge Andrew J. Cobb. (4) Basil Lamar married and lived in Georgia. His children were (a) John Lamar, (b) Pennington Lamar, (c) Peter Lamar, (d) Ezekiel Lamar, (e) Prudence Lamar, who married a Mr. Winn and whose daughter, Susan Winn, married Col. William Curry, of Lincoln county, Georgia, a member of the Georgia Legislature. (5) Jeremiah Lamar, who married and whose children were (a) Thomas Lamar, (b) John Lamar, (c) James Lamar, (d) Mrs. Sinque?eld.

John Lamar, of the fifth generation, had a son Henry G. Lamar, father-in-law of Senator A. O. Bacon, of Georgia.

John Lamar, of the fourth generation, son of John and Rachel Lamar, grandson of Thomas and Martha Lamar and great-grandson of Thomas, the emigrant, was a prosperous land and slave owner of Putman and Lincoln counties, Georgia. He was married three times, but the names of his wives are not known. His children were:

(1) Zacharaih Lamar.

(2) Basil Lamar.

(3) Harmong Lamar, who married Martha Ann Young, daughter of William Young of Baltimore. There children were: (a) John O. Lamar, who married first Sarah Andrew, a daughter of Bishop Andrew, and second a Miss Perry; (b) Lucy B. Lamar, whose first husband was James Barnett; (c) Cornelia Lamar, who married Dr. Robert Howard, of Tuskegee, Ala.; (d) Dr. William Harmong Lamar, of Jasper, Ala., who married Ann M. Glenn. Their children are (I) Theodore J. Lamar, who married Orlean Cleveland; (II) Charles R. Lamar, who married Laura Cain; (III) Glennie C. Lamar, who married T. S. Phillips; (IV) William Harmong Lamar, who married Virginia Longstreet Lamar, daughter of Justice L. Q. C. Lamar. They reside in Rockville, Md., and their children are: Virginia Longstreet Lamar, Augusta Glenn Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, William H. Lamar, Jr., Howard Lamar, who married Alma Hayes; Annie Lamar, unmarried; George Holt Lamar, of Rockville, Md., who married Edith Stonestreet; (e) Sally Lamar, who married William Russell; (f) Thomas Lamar; (g) Lucius M. Lamar.

(4) John Lamar, of the fifth generation, born 1769, died 1833, married his first cousin, Rebecca Lamar, also of the fifth generation, daughter of Thomas Lamar. They were the parents of Judge Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, who married Sarah Williamson Bird. After his death she married Col. Hiram B. Troutman, of Vineville, Ga. Her children by her first husband were:

(1) Justice L. Q. C. Lamar, of the United States Supreme Court, born September 17, 1825, died January 23, 1893, who married first Virginia Lafayette Longstreet, and second Mrs. H. D. Holt, by whom he had no children. Justice Lamar resided in Mississippi, and his children by his first wife were: (a) Frances Lamar, who married Judge Ed-

ward Mayes, of Jackson, Miss.; (b) Lucius Q. C. Lamar, who married Kate Lester and resides in Washington D.C.; (c) Augusta Lamar, who married F. H. Heiskell, of Memphis, Tenn.; (d) Virginia Longstreet Lamar, who married William Harmong Lamar, of Rockville, Md.; (e) Thomas Bird Lamar; (f) Jefferson Mirabeau Lamar; (g) Mrs. Susan R. Wiggins; (h) Mary Ann Lamar, who married first James C. Longstreet, and second John B. Ross.

The other children of John and Rebecca (Lamar) Lamar were:

(2) Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar.

(3) Thomas Randolph Lamar.

(4) Jefferson Jackson Lamar.

(5) Mrs. Evalina Harvey.

(6) Mrs. Mary A. Moreland.

(7) Mrs. Aurelia Randle.

(8) Mrs. Louisa McGehee.

(9) Loretto Lamar., who married Absalom Harris Chappell, of Columbus, Ga.

Thomas Lamar, of Wicres, first emigrated to Virginia from France and then came to Maryland, where he was naturalized in 1663. He died in Maryland and his will was probated May 29, 1714. He was buried near Fishing Place, in Calvert county, on the west side of Trent creek. In 1696 that part of the country west of Patuxent river and including Fishing Place was thrown into Prince George's county. The records of the county prove that Thomas Lamar had a large landed interests acquired prior to 1696. He was twice married, his first wife being named Mary (last name unknown), by whom he had one son, Thomas Lamar, 2d. Thomas Lamar, of Wicres, France, married second, Anne Pottinger, a descendant of Sir Thomas or Sir William Pottinger, and had one son, John Lamar, who married Susannah Tyler. The descent is as follows:

The son of Thomas Lamar, of Wicres, France, and his wife Mary was:

(1) Thomas Lamar, who married Martha Urquhart (?).

The son of Thomas Lamar and his second wife, Ann Pottinger, was:

(2) John Lamar, who married Susannah Tyler.

The children of John and Susannah (Tyler) Lamar were:

(1) Thomas Lamar, who married Mrs. Hill.

(2) John Lamar, who married Susannah Pigman and had the following children: (a) Jacob Lamar, (b) John Lamar, (c) Mack Lamar, (d) William Bishop Lamar, (e) Susannah Lamar, (f) Rebecca Lamar.

(3) Robert Lamar, who married Sarah (last name unknown). Their children were: (a) Col. William Lamar, (b) Priscilla Lamar, who married James Drane; (c) Richard Lamar, (d) Mareen Lamar, (e) Elizabeth Lamar, who married John Simpkins, of Allegany county.

(4) Susannah Lamar, born November 23, 1726, died 1805, who married Alexander Magruder, son of Samuel and Sarah (Beall) Magruder.

(5) Anne Lamar, who was the second wife of Dr. John Briscoe, of Berkeley county, Virginia.

(6) Mary Lamar.

(7) Elizabeth Lamar.

(8) Mareen Lamar.

(9) Richard Lamar.

(10) Rachel Lamar.

(11) Priscilla Lamar.

A more complete family chart states that John Lamar (son of John and Susannah Tyler Lamar) died 1775 or 1776. His wife was

Lamar Arms

Susannah Pigman and they had the following children: ((1) Mareen Lamar. (2) Maximilian Lamar, who was a general in the Revolutionary War and who was killed at Saratoga. He married a Swede and had a son, John Lamar, and a daughter, Polly Lamar. (3) Jacob Lamar. (4) Rebecca Lamar. (5) Susannah Lamar. (6) John Lamar, who married and had a daughter. The latter married a Mr. Belt, and their son, William Belt Lamar, married a Miss Waters, of Montgomery county, Maryland, whose daughter Margaret married a Mr. Kephart and lived upon an estate called Belmont. She now lives at Point of Rocks, Frederick county, Md. A sister of William Belt Lamar married Captain Herbert, who died of camp fever during the War of 1812. Their daughter married Dr. Chatard, of Baltimore. (7) Abramah Lamar was captain in the Revolutionary War. (8) Col. William Bishop Lamar, Born August 3, 1745, married on April 19, 1767, Elizabeth Smith, born March 21, 1751.

The children of Col. William Bishop and Elizabeth (Smith) Lamar were (1) Mary Lamar, born December 31, 1767. (2) Henrietta Lamar, Born February 14, 1769; married Eli Thrasher. (3) Sarah Lamar, born September 20, 1770; married Elias Thrasher. (4) John Lamar, born September 28, 1772. (5) Archibald Smith Lamar, Born June 25, 1774. (6) Anne Lamar, born March 26, 1776. (7) Thomas Lamar, born December 19, 1777; married Mary Willard. (8) Susannah Lamar, who married Eli House. (9) Richard Lamar, married Mary Johnson, who was related to the Somerville family. (10) William Lamar. (11) Benjamin Lamar. (12) Rachel Lamar, who married a Mr. Killenberger. (13) Mareen Tyler Lamar, who lived to be more than 100 years old.

Thomas Lamar, son of William Bishop and Elizabeth (Smith) Lamar, married Mary Willard, daughter of Dewatt Willard and Elizabeth (Brandenburg) Willard. Their children were: (1) Mary Ann Lamar, who married Dr. Tilghman Biser. (2) Elizabeth Lamar, who married first, Robert Finley: second, Robert Spencer. (3) William Bishop Lamar 2d, who married Elizabeth Hasley. (4) Rebecca Lamar, who married William Johnson, a relative of the Somerville family. (5) Loretta Lamar, who married Andrew Kessler. (6) Benoni Smith Lamar, who married Mary Thomas. (7) Ellender Lamar, unmarried. (8) John Lamar, who married Rebecca Johnson.

Mary Ann Lamar, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Lamar, was born January 26, 1803, at Aiken, S.C. She married on February 3, 1829, Dr. Biser, who was born on November 10, 1805, the oldest child of John Biser, born September 24, 1778, and Lydia Gaver, born October 9, 1784. The children of Doctor and Mary Ann (Lamar) Biser were: (1) Emily Augusta Biser, born January 3, 1830; died 1903, who married William Corroll. (2) William Doddridge, who was killed at the battle of Pine Bluffs, Ark., October 25, 1863. He was adjutant of the Third Missouri Cavalry, Confederate States Army. (3) Frances Virginia Biser, who married M. O. Willard. (4) Lauretta Biser, who married Ezra Willard, and whose daughter, Ida Willard, married Mr. Markey, of Frederick, Md. (5) Charles Tilghman Biser, who married Mary Stribbling Crawford, of Memphis, Tenn. He was a colonel in the Confederate States Army. (6) Inez Florence Biser, who married John Wilkes North, of Charleston, S.C. (7) Clara Eleanor Biser, who died young.

Emily Augusta Biser married William Carroll on February 7, 1850, who was seventh child of William Carroll and his wife, Mary (Rowland) Carroll.

Robert Lamar, 3d, son of Thomas and Susannah (Tyler) Lamar, married Sarah ----- (last name unknown). They had a son, William Lamar, who married Margaret Worthington, by whom he had six children, as follows: (1) Sarah Lamar, unmarried. (2) William Lynch Lamar, who married Mary Briscoe, daughter of Judge Hanson Briscoe. (3) Louise Lamar married a Mr. Tilghman, of Washington. Her children are Mrs. Holliday and Mrs. McKaig. (4) Anne Lamar also married a Mr. Tilghman, the son of her sister's husband by his first

President Lamar

wife. (5) Richard Lamar, unmarried. (6) Mary Lamar, who married M. C. Sprigg. They were the parents of the late I. C. Sprigg, of Washington, and Mrs. Louisa Patterson, of Cumberland, Md., wife of Thomas Leiper Patterson.

Col. William Lynch Lamar. He was married to Mary Annapler Briscoe, daughter of Judge Hanson Briscoe, son of Philip and Chloe (Hanson) Briscoe and brother of Dr. John Hanson Briscoe, who had charge of the hospitals in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. The children of Col. William Lynch Lamar and his wife were: (1) Hanson Lamar; (2) William Lamar; (3) Harriet Louisa Lamar, who married G. W. Richardson; (4) Marie Lamar; (5) Eliza Lamar; (6) Mary Jordan Lamar, who married Nelson Clarke Read.

The children of Nelson Clarke and Mary Jordan (Lamar) Read were: (1) William L. Read, unmarried; (2) Lucretia Read, who married Otis Johnson and had five children: (a) Otis Johnson, (b) Alexander Johnson, (c) Nelson Read Johnson, (d) William Carey Johnson, (e) Helen Bird Johnson; (3) John Magruder Read, who married and had five children: (a) Nellie Read, (b) Foster Read, (c) John Read, (d) Arnetta Read, (e) Joseph Read; (4) Arnett Read, who married, but had no children; (5) McLain Read, unmarried; (6) Helen H. Read, who married Frederick Gibson and left one child, Hopewell Read; (7) Nelson Clarke Read, who married his cousin, Helen H. Lamar Patterson. They had five children: (a) Mary Lamar Read, who married John E. Edwards, (b) Louisa Sprigg Read, who married George Marshall Gilette, (c) Leiper Patterson Read, (d) Mariam Field Read, (e) Aimee Ewing Read, all of Cumberland, Md.

Mary Lamar married M.C. Sprigg. Their son, William O. Sprigg, married first, Sarah A. Van Lear, who had one son, R. Lamar Sprigg. William O. Sprigg married, second, Jeannette Hazlehurst. They had six children: (1) Maria Sprigg, (2) Carroll Sprigg, (3) Hazlehurst Sprigg, (4) Tilghman Sprigg, (5) Jeannette Sprigg, (6) Alden Sprigg.

James Cresap Sprigg married Lucy Addison. They had six children: (1) Lucy Madison Sprigg, (2) Cresap Sprigg, (3) Patterson Sprigg, (4) William Mercer Sprigg, (5) Lillie Leiper Sprigg, (6) Mary Jordan Sprigg.

Sarah Elizabeth Sprigg married Hampton Long and had two children: (1) Floyd Long, (2) Mary Sprigg Long.

Louise Ann Sprigg married Thomas Leiper Patterson. Their children are: (1) Mary Lamar Patterson, who married William Latham Venable; (2) Bessie Fitzhugh Patterson; (3) Louise Leiper Patterson, unmarried; (4) Joseph Hewing Patterson; (5) Helen Patterson; (6) Helen H.L. Patterson, who married Nelson Clarke Read, of Cumberland.

Mareen Duvall, the Huguenot French emigrant to Maryland, married. First, Mary -----. Their daughter, Susannah Duvall, married Robert Tyler in 1694. Their daughter, Susannah Tyler, born July 14, 1700, married in 1716 John Lamar, son of Thomas Lamar and his second wife, Ann Pottiger.

The children of John and Susannah (Tyler) Lamar were: (1) Thomas Lamar, who married Mrs. Hill; (2) John Lamar, who married Susannah Pigman; (3) Robert Lamar; (4) Susannah Lamar, who married Alexander Magruder; (5) Anne Lamar, who was the second wife of Dr. John Briscoe 3d, of Berkeley county, who was justice of the County Court of Berkeley and a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. They were married March 27, 1776, in the forty-sixth year of her age. She died in 1812; (6) Mary Lamar, (7) Elizabeth Lamar, (8) Mareen Lamar, (9) Richard Lamar, (10) Rachel Lamar, (11) Priscilla Lamar.

Susannah Lamar, born November 23, 1726, died in 1805, married Alexander Magruder, son of Samuel Magruder (the latter was a son of Alexander, the emigrant to Maryland, and his first wife), who married Sarah Beall, daughter of Col. Ninian Beall, of Maryland, the emigrant.

Eleanor Magruder, born January 6, 1766, died March 11, 1806, was the daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Lamar) Magruder. She married February 19, 1784, Dr. John Briscoe 4th, of Piedmont, Jefferson county, Va., son of Dr. John Briscoe 3d and his first wife, Elizabeth McMillan. Their children were: (1) Alexander Magruder Briscoe, who married Matilda Lacey, of Loudoun county, grandparents of the late Alexander Magruder Briscoe, of Baltimore; (2) Elizabeth Briscoe, second wife of Col. James Hite, of Jefferson county; (3) Dr. John Briscoe, who married Sarah De Montargis Rutherford, granddaughter of Gen. William Darke, of Revolutionary fame, parents of Capt. William Darke Briscoe, first owner of Piedmont, the ancestral Briscoe home in Jefferson county; (4) Major Thomas Briscoe, who served in the War of 1812, who married Juliet Wood Hite, daughter of Col. James Hite and his first wife, Juliet Wood Baker; (5) Courtney Ann Briscoe married, first, R.G. Hite and second, a Mr. Edmunds; (6) Frances E. Briscoe married Henry Sheppard, of Wild Goose Farm, Shepherdstown; (7) Warner Briscoe, who married Jane Slaycum, of Alexandria, Va.; (8) Henry Tyler McMillan Briscoe married Elizabeth Eutler, of Shepherdstown.

Major Thomas Briscoe, son of Dr. Briscoe 4th and Eleanore Magruder Briscoe, lived at Spice Grove, Jefferson county. He was born at Piedmont in 1791 and died in 1867. He was a lieutenant in Captain Humphrey's company during the War of 1812 and served at Stony Point. He was afterward made a major of the Fifty-fifth Regiment of Virginia militia. He married Juliet Wood Hite daughter of Col. James Hite (who was great-grandson of Baron Jost Hite and his wife Anna Maria Du Bois, daughter of Louis, the patentee- of New Platz), and Juliet Wood Baker, daughter of John Baker and Judith Howard Wood, daugther of Peter Wood and Susannah Howard, who was the daughter of Lady Judith Howard, of Howard Hall, England.

The children of Major Thomas and Juliet Wood (Hite) Briscoe were: (1) Eleanor Magruder Briscoe, who married, first, her cousin, Dr. Tilghman Waters, and, second, Dr. Washington Waters; (2) Juliet Baker Briscoe, who married Norman Miller. Their children were: (a) Mrs. Alexander Gassaway, (b) Charles Miller, (c) Norman Miller, (d) Frank Miller, (e) Hite Miller. (3) Elizabeth Briscoe married Dr. W. H. D. Hall. Their children were: (a) Dr. Briscoe Hall, (b) Susan Hall, (c) Elizabeth Hall, (d) Eleanor Hall, (e) William Hall, (f) Juliet Hall, (g) Carey Hall, (4) James Hite Briscoe, Confederate States Army, married Caroline Miller. Their son, James Hite Briscoe, married Miss Butler, and their children were (a) Norman Butler Briscoe, (b) James Francis Briscoe, (c ) Minnie Lamar Briscoe. (5) Dr. Thomase Wood Briscoe, Confederate States Army, who was killed at the first battle of Manassas; (6) Capt. John Lamar Briscoe; (7) Ann Arabella Briscoe, who married E.M. Aisquith. Their daughter, Eleanor Aisquith, married Capt. James E. Wyatt. Their children were: (a) Cathorine Wyatt

(Mrs. J. G. Gladstone, of Exmore, Va.), (b) Edward Littleton Wyatt, of Charlestown, Va. (8) Amelia Frances Briscoe, who married Wm. Bowen Gallaher, of Waynesboro, Va. Their children are: (1) Thomas Briscoe Gallaher, (2) Charles James Gallaher, (3) Juliet Hite Briscoe Gallaher, (4) Eleanor Magruder Briscoe Gallaher, (5) Frances Amelia Briscoe Gallaher, (6) Wm. Bowen Gallaher, Jr.