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Last Will of Cata Lamar

                                                    Report "A", p. 147
                                                           Autauga Co.,
              The Last Will of Cata Lamar

Georgia       }  In the name of God - Amend.  I Cata Lamar of said County and date, being
Putnam County }  extremely low and feeble in health and bodily strength, but professed of sound
                 Mind, do make and establish this my last will and testament.  In the first
place, I commit my body to the earth from which it came, and my soul to God who gave it to
me.  In the second place, I give and bequeath to my four children; Zachariah Lamar, John
Lamar, Fanny Lamar, and Polly Lamar five Dollars each.  In the second place, I give and
bequeath all the remaining part of my estate of every description whatsoever whether real,
personal or mixed, wether in money, debts, legacies, or Mortgages (after paying all my just
debts and after defraying my funeral expense) to my three children, Dent Lamar, Obediah
Lamar, and Sarah Ann Lamar to be equally divided between them.  And I do hereby _____
then give bequeath and convey into my said three last mentioned children; Dent Lamar,
Obadiah Lamar, and Sarah Ann Lamar, all my titles, claim, part and interest which I now have
or may hereafter have into my deceased husband, James Lamar's estate and all and very part
thereof to be equally divided between my three said last mentioned children.  In the third last
place, I nominate and appoint my two sons Zachariah Lamar and John Lamar my Executors to
carry this my last will testament into full and faithful execution.
   In testimony whereof I have hereinto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 6th day of
October 1817.
Done in the present of
   T. J.                               Cata Lamar
   John Wright

The State of Alabama }  Interrogations to be exhibited to T. J.          a witness to this last
  Autauga County     }  will and testament of Caty Lamar decs. Who actually resides within the
                        Limits of this State.

Intg.  Were you or were you not a subscribing witness to the annexed will and testament of Caty

Intg.  Did you or did you not see John Wright subscribed