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Conrad Kolbe

I find a estate for Conrad Kolbe. He died in 14 Feb 1890. In his will, he leaves everything to his wife, Elizabeth for life, then to his heirs. The estate was not settled until 1936. Apparently, the courts had to decide how to divide up his property. He owned quite a lot of land. Here is a list of his heirs as they existed in 1936: I added other information that I found in the marriage records in Blue.


  1. Henry - deceased
    wife: Mary (Mitchelville, MD)
    • Daisy Kolbe Shick (Ocean Grove, NJ) married Harry C. Schick record #21-10495
    • Henry Kolbe Jr (Enfield, VA)
    • Emmet Kolbe (Baltimore, MD)
  2. Charles J. - deceased
    wife: Katherine
    • Edward E. Kolbe (Upper Marlboro, MD)
    • Elizabeth Kolbe Simpson (Upper Marlboro, MD)
  3. Jacob M. - deceased
    wife: Elizabeth married in record # 2-621 Lizzie Kuhns
    • Charles Kolbe (Baltimore, MD)
    • Myrtle Kolbe Kirkwood (Norfolk, VA)
    • Edna Kolbe Johnson - deceased (was listed as child #4 of Conrad.)
      • Myrtle Johnson Cooper (Baltimore, MD)
      • Thelma Johnson (Baltimore, MD)
      • Leroy Johnson (Larksville, MD)
      • Lester Johnson (Baltimore, MD)
  4. Phillip W. Kolbe (Montgomery, Lycoming Co, PA)
    married Clara Shaffer 24 Dec 1891 record # 8-3240
  5. Albert Kolbe (Baltimore, MD)
  6. Emma Kolbe Rishel
    w/o G.P. Rishel (Turbotville, Northumberland Co, PA) married 8/30/1886 (newspaper date) record # 1-386
  7. Tillie Kolbe Bower (Montgomery, Lycoming Co, PA)
    married Charles W. Bower record # 7-2771
  8. Katherine Kolbe Shaffer (Washington Twp, Lycoming Co, PA)
    married Edwin Shaeffer 35 Aug 1891 in Montgomery, PA

His will also mentions his father, John Kolbe who gets the proceeds of 298 Washington St, Williamsport for life.