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Jacob Coons

Probate Record of Jacob Coons

Clark County, IL

Probate Box 13--John M. and George Coons administrators--died Oct 7 1881 in Dolson Twp--no will--widow Juda Coons--children: John M., George H., Mary C. Duzan and Eliza A. Nicholson. Grandchildren: martha J. Pinnell and Mary E. Boyer.

Names in Jacob Coons packet: Fredrick Ennis, Isaac S. Brossman, John Boyer, Sr., James McHruth, A. B. Carpenter, William Simmons, Isaac Hess, Irwin McHenry, Irwin Sothers.

Sale held Nov 14 1881 at his residence. Names listed below related to settlement at the sale.

David Nicholson, Enos Parisho, Tarlton Hughes, Dick Duzan, W. S. Coons, H. M. Kester, Judy Coons, Flasco Grover, Alfred Bennett, Jasper Lowry, milton murphy, O. P. Frey, William H. Long, H. G. Hall, Sam J. Richards, J. B. Staurd (crier), Benjamin F. Hall (for cutting corn), Solomon Miller, A. B. Carpenter, George Millhouse (B-Smith), Emanuel Miller, E. Miller, F. B. Ennis, A. B. Parker, John Dunn, John Clouse, J. W. Brown, Charley Heath, N. Schimtchum, John Nay, James McIlrath, Miles E. Hall, William Read, Isaac Claypool, Len Wright, Jacob Lycan, Charles F. Burnsides, Rinehart Ratts, Able Johnson, Isaac Brosman

Jacob Coons death record

Clark County, IL

Jacob Coons--age 65 years, 7 months, 13 days--farmer--died Oct 7 1881 in PM--American--born in Clark Co, IN--lived in IL 35 years--died in Dolson Twp, Clark Co, IL--died of blood poisoning and malaria--had disease 9 days--buried in Dolson Cemetery--undertaker: Lote Grey-- physician: R. C. Pruiett.