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Letter from Lyman F. Rounds to C. R, Johns & Company

To C. R, Johns & Company
Austin, Texas

Fort Smith Ark
December 13th 1874

Dear Sir

Yours of the 27th Ulto: was received yesterday, and in reply I would state that I wrote to the Adjt General of Texas on the 30th of August, last, and reced a reply dated Sept 12th enclosing a circular from the Comptroller. I did not know at the time of writing, about the Pension Law of 1870, in fact I simply wrote to him for information whether there was anything coming to the old veterans of the Texan Army. I have not engaged any one to attend to this matter, and wish you would attend to it, the terms you propose will suit me, let me know what I can do in the case.

I suppose you will want an affidavit as to my identity. I joined the Texan Army on the 1st of January 1836 at San Augustine under Lieut Stanbury Recruiting Officer at that place. I was made Sergt. from enlistment, a few days after enlisting General Houston and Capt Henry Teal came to the Rendezvous, they wished me to join Capt Teal's Company at Nacogdoches, which I did. In March we left there to reinforce Col Travis at the Alamo, but while Capt. Teal and myself was standing in the Hall of the Convention then sitting at Washington on the Brazos, when a courier arrived with the news that Travis and his whole party had been captured and cut to pieces.

We then marched and joined Houston on the Colorado. Gen'l Sesma at this time being on the opposite side of the River three miles from us with 3000 Mexican troops, from here we fell back where San Felipe de Austin had stood, turned up the Brazos and encamped in a cane brake opposite Groce's plantation, where we lay about two weeks, when we moved; crossed the River on the Steamer Yellow Stone, proceeded to Buffalo Bayou opposite to where Harrisburg had stood. While here Deaf Smith captured a Mexican Courier giving us the information that Santa Anna was not far from us.

On the 18th of April Capt Teal was taken sick with the measles, Capt Andrew Briscoe was assigned to Co. "A" (the one I belonged to) until Capt Teals recovery. The night of the 19th we crossed the Bayou some little distance below Camp on Rafts. On the morning of the 20th took up our march towards the coast; about 10 A. M. shots exchanged by the advance guards of us and Santa Anna's Column. We advanced, crossed the Bridge on Vince's Bayou. When Gen'l Houston ordered the Bridge destroyed, we kept the Road towards Lynches Ferry and when the Head of Houstons Column reached the Ferry Santa Anna's forces came in sight in our rear. Houston fell back about a mile on the bank of Buffalo Bayou sheltered by a crowing piece of timberland.

We lay here until about 4 o'clock P. M. 21st of April when we formed to make the attack, now although an admirer of Genl Houston, I think he made a rather unmilitary movement in making the attack he formed in double file, marched at a right angle on the enemies left until within musket range, filed to right by flank, so that our Co. (A) had to march the entire length of the Mexicans line under fire, before we could face to the front and return their fire, but nevertheless in twenty minutes we had them on the run and before the sun down we stretched eight hundred of (them) on the field never to rise again.

On the 22d. as I was returning from the Battlefield to camp I was presented with a 2d Lieut Commission by Thos. J. Rusk, then Secy. of War. I was detailed to collect the remains of Col. Fannin and his men at Goliad, and was one of the Pall Bearers at their Burial. So if you can succeed in my case about the Pension it will be gratefully received.

Now about the Property question. I own a piece of land, but am too old to work it, and unable to hire it done, it is as much as I can do to get money to pay my taxes. Will you please inform me how to proceed in the case, and if you are successful in getting the Pension let me know how much I shall have to pay at Austin for the issuing papers

Respectfully yours
Lyman F. Rounds

P. S. - I Resigned my Commission of the 15th of September 1836 while encamped near Victoria, Gen'l Thos J. Rusk, Comdg. I was then act'g Quarter Master & Commissary for the Battalion A. B. E. and I Cos Regular.