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Report from "Old War" Invalid Pension Application
file OW I-22156

War Department,


Washington, D.C., July 18th , 1882

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions - Franklin Rounds enlisted on the 8th day of November , 1837, and was assigned to the Co. " C ", 7th Regiment of Infantry , was subsequently transfered to Company "D" same Regiment. and discharged Sept. 27th, 1840 by re-enlistment, a private. Reenlisted Sept. 27th 1840 in Co: "E" 7th Infantry and discharged July 24th 1845, at Barrancas, Fla by Exp. of Service, a Sergeant. Reenlisted July 24th 1845 in same Company appointed Q.M. Sergeant 7th Infy Aug 22/49, and discharged as such July 1/50 be re-enlistment. [There is no record of disability at date alleged, the company was then at Corpus Christe, Texas and he was present with it; the Co. left Barrancas Fla. Aug. 28/45, arrived at Corpus Christi Aug 30/45 and remained at latter post until March 10/46 when it left en route for Mexico.] He reenlisted July 1st 1850 as Q.M. Sergt. 7th Infy. was appointed Ordnance Sergeant U.S.A. Feby 1st 1854 and ordered to Fort Arbuckle, C.N. A letter filed by the soldier in this office shows that he claims Hernia contracted in March 1854 but the record of this office fail to verify his claim - He was discharged May 1st 1855 by reenlistment an Ordinance Sergeant U.S.A. Reenlisted May 1st 1855 as an Ord. Sergt. and discharged as such March 1st 1860 at Fort Arbuckle C.N. Reenlisted March 1st 1860 as an Ord. Sergt. Records show that he was left at Fort Arbuckle at the time of its evacuation by U.S. Troops and remained there until August 27th 1861 when he was compedded to leave his post by Indians under threats of death. he went to Texas on a farm until the reoccupation of Fort Smith, Ark. by U.S. Troops when he joined that post Sept 21/63. was subsequently granted a furlough for 30 days from Jany 25, 1865, and discharged March 1st 1865 by Expiration of Service at Fort Schuyler, N.Y.H. Re-enlisted March 15th 1865 as an Ordinance Sergeant - under orders from this office. Copy of his enlistment paper and medical examination herewith. Discharged March 15th, 1868 by Expiration of Service. Reenlisted March 15th 1868 and discharged March 15th 1871 by Expiration of Service as Ordinance Sergeant U.S.A. Reenlisted March 16th 1871 and discharged January 19th 1872 upon his own application and by order of the Sec. of War. on a/c of long and faithful service. an ordinance Sergeant. Had served continuously from Novm 8 1837 to Jany 19th 1872. Copy of furlough above mentioned cannot be furnished. There is no record evidence on file in this office to show that the soldier contracted hernia in service, but on his re-enlistment of March 15th/65 the surgeon discovered hernia. and so certified. ride Medical Examination herewith. on all other enlistments during this soldiers service the Examining Surgeon signed the usual printed certificate (without additional remark) as follows: "I certify on honor that I have carefully examined the above named soldier agreeably to the general regulations of the Army, and that in my opinion he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier." Nothing further

Geos. Sergfes
Assistant Adjutant General