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Franklin Rounds Military Record

Descriptive List and Account of Pay & Clothing of Ordinance Sergeant Franklin Rounds U.S. Army

Number:             1

(over this area is written:
  Paid in full for July, August, Sept.
  & October 1871
  Pay     $111.50
  Clothing  16.24
               signed N. Veddes
               Paymaster U.S.A.)

  By Paymaster:     Maj. Deury
Names Rank Description Where Born Occupation Enlisted Last Paid Bounty Remarks
Years of Age Eyes Hair Complexion Feet Inches State or Kingdom Town or County When Where By Whom Period By Paymaster To What Time Paid Due
Franklin Rounds Ordinance Sergeant 53 Hazel Brown Florid 5 7 1/2 New York Essex Soldier Mch 16/71 Ft. Smith, Ark Lieut F. W. Thibaut 5 Yrs Maj. Deury June 30/71 No retained pay due him

1st Remark - No clothing drawn since Enlistment. Clothing account settled until June 30, 1871.

Military History - Enlisted in Co. 'C' 7th US Infy, 7? Nov. 1837. Re-Enlisted Co. 'E' 7 US Infy, 20 Sept 1840. Appointed 1st Sergt. 1 Dec. 1840. Qm Sergt. 27 July 1849; Appointed Ordinance Sergt. at Fort Arbuckle, C. N., 1st Feby 1854. Served in Florida from Apl 1839, to June 1842, - Served [in Mexico] during the whole war; - Again in Florida from Sept, 1849, to June 1850,- Recommended by Regimental Commander for great Courage and Gallant daring in the Battle of Monterey, Mexo Sept 1846. - Was driven from his post (Fort Arbuckle, C.N.) - after the with-drawal of U.S. Troops, - by the Indians and had to go to Texas, where he remained, loyal and true until the Federal Forces re-occupied Fort Smith, Arks, when he made his way through the Enemy's lines, and came to Fort Smith, Two hundred and fifty miles, and reported to the Commander of the 2nd Brigade Army of the Frontier at F for duty, and remained on duty at that place from Sept. 21, 1863, until January 25, 1865, when he received a furlongh for one month, and Subsequently was discharged for Expiration of Term of Enlistment, at Fort Schuyler, New York Harbor, N.Y.

Addition: Served as Ordinance Sergeant at Fort Smith, Ark until March 15, 1868, - Discharged by Expiration of Term of Enlistment, and Re-Enlisted, as Ord Sergt U.S.A. remaining on duty at Fort Smith, Ark, until March 16, 1871, at which time he was discharged and Re-enlisted, Entering upon the same duties, which he is performing.

2nd Remark - He is entitled to six dollars ($6.00) per month for twenty-five years continuous service.

3rd Remark - He is not accountable for any Camp and Garrison Equipage, nor other public property.

I certify that the above is a correct transcript from the Records of Co. 'D' 6 Infantry, to which Co. the above soldier was attached on the 10th day of June 1869.
Station Fort Smith Ark
Date July 19, 1871 Signed: M. Bryant
Capt. 6 Infy Comdg 'D'

I certify that this is a true copy of the Original April 30 /84
?E Robinson
Asst Chief O-N-set-Din

Commanding Officers of Fort Smith

U.S. Troops withdrawn from Ft. Smith April 23, 1861; re-occupied September 1, 1863.

FYI, the federal forces reoccupied Ft. Smith on 1 Sep 1863, Lyman reported 21 Sep. The news got to him and he traveled the 250 miles in 20 days, assumablely with his wife and 10 month old infant!