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General Affidavit

US Pension Office, May 15, 1890


Before executing this affidavit the claimant is requested to read carefully the instructions and conform thereto in every particular, so far as the facts will allow
Published by Charles & William B. King, No 906, F Street, Washington, D. C.

STATE OF: _ Chikasaw I.T._
County of: _ Pickins _

In the ____ Claim of _ Amerca Rounds (Widow) of Franklin Rounds (Deased) _, late of Co ____,__ 7 _ Reg't _ infantry _ Vols., personally came before me, a _ US Commissioner _, in and for the aforesaid County and State, _ America Rounds _, who, I hereby certify, is a respectable and credible person, and who, being duly sworn, declares in relation to the aforesaid claim, as follows:

I was married to Franklin Rounds at Fort Gibson Cherokee Nation by D McManus post Chaplin Aug 17th 1854 I am stice a widow & am 63 years old the 26th April 1890 my first Husband died in 1849 am unable to prove by any one living my marriage to Mr. Franklin Rounds (deased) Sargent O'Brian & Sargent Congrees were present also my Father + Mother + I have understood they are all dead the post Chaplin is also dead - Franklin Rounds first Wife Mary Ann Rounds died the 4th of May 1853 I resided about 3/4 of a mile from them - her son & only child living resides now at Fort Smith Arkansas & his name is Frank Rounds Jr. My Husbands Bible record states that her said Franklin Rounds Jr was born 9 December 1845 at Corpas Crista Texas - christened at Camargo Mexico the record of his bible shows he Franklin Rounds was married to Mary Ann Duff 17th June 1842 at Fort Wacahoota Florida and she died at Fort Gibson May 4th 1853 - now all the children living by Mr Rounds & myself were born are our Daughter Ella Rounds (now Ella Ayers) who was born at Fort Abuckle Chickasaw Nation 2nd July 1859 & she also resides at Fort Smith Arkansas

This is as full as I am able to give all the details when Mr Rounds obtained his Mexican pension he sent his papers to the Commissiner of Pensions & all are on record there. D McManus post chaplin did not furnish the marriage certificate for some time after we was married.

He further declares that his post office address is _ Erin Springs _, County of _ Pickins _, State of _ Chickasaw Nation I.T. _, and that she is not interested in said claim or concerned in its prosecution.

America   X   Rounds

Signature of affiant.

If affiant makes his mark, two persons must attest by writing their names in the lines below.
1 _James Wilson____
2 _William King_____