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Letter Requesting Status of Invalid Pension

Erin Springs C.N. Ind. Ter.
May 3rd, 1882
Dear Friend & Brother
I received yours of 30th March and we all here pleased to learn of you well being. You said if there is anything you can do for me, you will do it. Well there is something that you can assist me in I think, it is this, I filed a claim for an Invalid Pension on account of Repture. While in the Army it seems the proof has sufficient and conclusive, and I has notified by Coms Dudley to appear before a surgen and be examined to see to what extent I was disabled, the Surgeon Doctor Ryan forwarded his Report the 10th of February. With his acpt or fee for examination which was returned to him approved and otded it paid nor I am afraid, (maybe without cause) that the papers may have been forwarded to me, and have failed to reach me or falling into the hands of some other persoin. You have served with on the the Battle field, have known me as _____ Brother Mason and can testify whether I deserve what the Government may bestow on me. Now, will you see Comr Dudley and ascertain whither these papers have been sent, or not. I am award that it annoys them by frequent inquires, but I am anxous to _____ they have been sent. All well and I send kind regards to you.
_____ Yours
Franklin Rounds