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Affidavit of Franklin Rounds

State of Texas
County of Grayson

On the 30th day of December A.D. One Thousand Eight hundred and Seventy Nine Personally appeared before me A B Person a Notary a court of record within and for the State and County aforesaid. Franklin Rounds Aged 63 years a resident of Pickens County Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory, who being duly sworn according to law says that he served in the Army of the United States continuously from the 7th of November 1837 until the 19th day January 1872 and that he was appointed Ordnance Sergeant for the Post of Fort Arbuckle Chickasaw Nation the 1st day of February 1854 but did not receive notice of the appointment until Sept. 1854. that he was at that time acting Quarter Master Sergeant at Fort Gibson C.N. in the 7th U.S. Infantry and while performing that duty while hauling Quarter Masters Stores from landing to the Quarter Masters Store he was badly Ruptured by the [Upsetting?] of the Waggon and being caught under some bales of clothing with which the waggon was loaded that he has been obliged to wear a truss ever since, and that he was in New York when his time of enlistment expired. That he went to the recruiting officer Col. Crook U S Army on cedar Street to re-enlist but the examining Surgeon refused to pass him for the reason of his being Ruptured, and the Recruiting officer told him that owing to his having been a long time in the services that he would write to the War Department for permission to enlist him which he did and he was enlisted on the 15th day of March 1865. That he was in the Service until the 19th day January 1872 when he was discharged as Ordnance Sergeant for long and faithful Service by order of the Secretary of War and since that time he has been unable to perform laborious labor on account of being

Ruptured. And that he re-enlisted in March 1855 was passed by Surgeon Williams and re-enlisted in March 1860 was passed by Surgeon Gaesislin March 1860 buth Surgeons knowing that he was Ruptured but passed him for having been long in the Service.

Franklin Rounds

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Dec 30th 1879

A B____, Notary Public Grayson County Texas