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Letter from Richard Young Spikings

Lyons July 30th, 1843.

Dear Brother,

As I have never received an answer from my last letter, which I sent to Chicago for you, I am obliged to write another, to let you know that Mr. & Mrs. Fisher and all the family are coming to see you, and make a home somewhere in that Country. They are making great preparations to start the first of September next. Mr. Fisher has sold part of his potatoes and is like to sell off all his property pretty well. He wants you to write and let him know the expenses of every thing a. what it will cost him and his family to travel so far. They are all quite well and desire to be remembered to you and Maria. As for me coming, I shall be with you some time in September, but it is little uncertain, what day, it depends upon the sale of the mare Vluaggor, as soon as they are sold, I leave Lyons. I in tend to work for Spraque until the last day of August but I can assure you James he is a hard one to draw cash on but I never worked in a better place in my life, but I feel as if I should like to be with you. I must now begin to con clude and hoping these few lines will find you and your wife quite well as it leaves me

Richard Young Spikings

PS/ Now don't neglect writing the particulars of every thing and answer this immediately for I shall be anxious in hearing from you, when I start, I shall be like the Boy, I shall travel cheap, board myself, and live upon nothing. You may expect one or two more letters from me before leaving Lyons, so don't forget to call at the Post Office.