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Land Office Certification

General Land Office
Austin, March 6th 1875

This is to certify that there is on file in this office a Bounty Warrant No 17 in the name of "Lyman F. Rounds" for 1280 acres of land, issued to him at Houston on the 3rd day of November 1837 by Barnard. B. Bee then Secretary of War of the late Republic of Texas; and that it is ex?????? ?n the ????? of said warrant, it was granted to said Rounds for having served faithfully and honorably in the Army of Texas from the 19th day of January until the 1? day of September 1836, and that he was honorably discharged.

In testimony whereof, the under sign ??my name and affix the impress of the Seal of said office the day and year first above written.

J. Groos