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Requesting Prisioner of War Back Pay

Thomas R. Williams, industrialist who brought to Bonham Dr. Charles Carlton, founder of Carlton College; Col. James Q. Chenoweth, first auditor of the U.S. Treasury; Judges James C. Clark and R. M. Lusk.

Inspector General Delos Bennett Sackett command of the Inspector General's Office in Washington D.C.

542 R 863
Fort Smith Ark
File with 1304 M 1863
F. Rounds
Ord Sergt USA

States when Col Young and his rebels came into Arbuckle Col Maxey formerly of the 7th Infy were with them and through his influence he was allowed to remain at the Post. Found there was a party organizing to put out all the abolitionists. He was denounced as one and threats made with being hung and robbed. Mr Williams of Bonham advised him to move near his place which he did.
Cound not communicate with the A.G.O. and was obliged to wait till he could join the US Forces
which he accomplished in Sept last. Reported to Colonel Johnson 1 Ark Vols. and was assined to duty in the Ord Dept.
The Pay Master has declined paying him without an order from the War Dept. Can bring proof of his loyalty, having been 27 years in the US service.
Was last paid to Feby 28th and received rations to May 31st 1861.

Insp Genls Dept
Washington Dec 28/63
Reply referred to the Adjt Gen US Army
D B Sacket
Insp Gen USA

Recd. A.G.O. Dec 30 63
Received ? ? ? Dec 26/63

The five companies of the 1st regiment in the Indian Territory at the outbreak of the war, - B, C, D, E and F, - marched to Fort Leavenworth, reaching that post May 31, 1861, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Emory, who had been directed (April 17) to collect all the troops in the Indian Territory and take them to that station.

Samuel Bell Maxey assigned 7th Infy as 2nd Lieut in 1846 joining at Monterrey, Mexico, resigned in 1849, later a Major General for the Confederacy in the Civil War and then represented Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Fort Smith Ark
November 1863
I respectfully beg leave to make a statement how I have been situated since the U.S. troops left Fort Arbuckle C.N. and would and would despratfully <sic> request you to lay the case before the war department.
When Col Young and his rebels came into Arbuckle, Col S. B. Maxey formerly of the 7th US Infy was with them. Through his influence I was allowed to remain at the Post. I found however that there was a party being organized by William Moncrief, a half breed Choctaw, and Perry Tinney a White Man to put out all the abolitionists as they termed them. I was denounced as one. Besides being a U.S. Soldier, and was threatened of being hung, and [robbed], Mr Thos Williams living near Bonham, advised me to move over near his place which I did, the last of August 1861.
I could not communicate with the Adjt Generals Office, the mails having been stopped. I therefore had to await the chances of getting with the U.S. forces, which I accomplished on the 21st of September last. Luckily avoiding

Colonel (Later Brigadier General) Douglas H. Cooper commanded Confederate Forces in Indian Territory. He raised a regiment known as the 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles and was commissioned as its colonel.

Dr. James M. Johnson organized the 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment and was enlisted into the service as its colonel.

Colonel William F. Cloud Second Kansas Cavalry.

Captain John W. Rabb 2nd Indiana Battery Light Artillery

John McNeil was made brigadier general to rank from November 29, 1862.

Coopers forces in the Nation by siding through the mountains between Red River and Fort Smith. — On my arrival here I reported to the Comdg Officer Col Johnson 1st Ark Vol Infy who assigned me to duty in the Ordnance Department.
I also reported by letter to the Adj't General, Myself and Sergt Swift were mustered by Col Cloud 2nd Kansas Vol Cav on a separate Roll. and Since then We have been assigned to Captain Rabbs Indiana Battery by order of Brig General J McNeill for Muster Pay and Clothing but the Pay Master decline paying us until we get an order from the War Department. I made a Statement to the Adj't General how I had employed myself since the troops left Arbuckle and if proof is required of my loyalty I can obtain the testimony of all the people in Fannin County, Tex so soon as our troops reach there and in fact can do so here. I should judge that having been twenty seven years in the U.S. Army would stand greatly in my favor. Also that of being a northern man by birth.         I was last paid by Maj. Brown to include the 28th of Feby 1861. and received rations at Arbuckle to include the 31st of May 1861. as per descriptive list. Certified to by Capt W.E. Prince 1st Infy, and yourself. Since arriving here I have drawn rations from the 1st of Sept 1863 to this date. Making thirty three months pay due me left to

Latin: ult. (ultimo mense); "last month"

Brevet Major W. E. Prince, captain of Company E, 1st Infantry, commanded Fort Leavenworth.

the end of October ult. and twenty six months subsistence, and fuels, and quarters.
Very respectfully
Your Obt Servt
F. Rounds
Ord Sergt U.S.A.
Gen'l D. B. Sacket
Insp't Gen'l U.S.A.