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Statement of Service

Delos Bennett Sackett was serving at Fort Arbuckle, Indian Territory, when he was promoted to Major in the 1st U.S. Cavalry, in January, 1861. He was appointed Lieutenant Colonel later that year and assigned to Washington, D.C. as the Acting Inspector-General and took command of the Inspector General's Office in 1863. He eventually reached the brevet rank of Major General.

John McAllister Schofield held various commands in the Trans-Mississippi Theater from 1861 to 1863, most of the time in command of the Army of the Frontier. (Major General)

James Gilpatrick Blunt was promoted to Major General, Army of Kansas in March of 1863 and in that same year he established Fort Baxter in Kansas. On July 17, 1863, Blunt won a Union victory at the Battle of Honey Springs, an important step in the efforts of federal forces to gain control of the Indian Territory. In October of 1863, Blunt was removed from command of the District of the Frontier after a military blunder in which Quantrill's Raiders, a Confederate unit, killed over 80 of Blunt's 100 escorts while he was transferring his command from Fort Scott, Kansas to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

F/W 1304 M 1863
Wilmington Del
Oct 20 / 63

Ordnance Sergeant Franklin Rounds was left at Fort Arbuckle CN by my order in compliance with instruction received from Col Emory. I recd instructions from Col E at 8 o'c am on 3d of May 1861 to take of and evacuate Fort Arbuckle by one o'clock pm to leave all keys with Ordnance Sergeant Rounds, and to join him on the Washita river the same evening.
I did as directed. All orders and instructions relating to Ord Sergt Rounds are with the records of Fort Arbuckle, which I took with me on abandoning the Post. After my joining Col Emory he directed the records to be burned. Ord. Sergt Rounds remained at Fort Arbuckle by order and I am satisfied from my knowledge of the man that he has returned to the flag by the first opportunity and am glad so proud a soldier has been restored to the service. From his knowledge of that section of the
country and its inhabitants, his services must be of great value to any command.
D.B. Sacket
Inspt Genl U.S.A.

Respectfully returned to Gen'l Schofield with reference to the reports of Gen'l Emory and Col. Sacket. The commander of Fort Smith or Genl Blunt, if they be called on for report, may be able to add sufficient facts to these already elicited from General Emory and Col. Sacket to enable General Schofield to form a correct judgement as to the Sergeants' filling. Reference accordingly as directed. The Sergeant has not, in the judgement of this office, made out a clean case in his favor.
By order
A. G. O.
26 Oct. '63
Asst. Adjt. Gen'l

F/W 1304 M 1863
Adjutant Generals Office
Washington, October 20, 1863

The following is a statement of the service of Ordnance Sergeant Franklin Rounds as exhibited by the records of this office.
1st Service Enlisted Nov 8, 1837, for 3 years, discharged Sept 27,1840, by re enlistment a private of Company D 7th Infantry.
2nd Service Re enlisted Sept 27, 1840, for 5 years, discharged July 27, 1845, by re enlistment a Sergeant of Compay E 7th Infantry
3rd Service Re enlisted July 27, 1845, for 5 years, discharged July 1, 1850, by re enlistment, Quarter Master Sergeant of the 7th Infantry
4th Service Re enlisted July 1, 1850, for 5 years, discharged May 1, 1855, by re enlistement an Ordnance Sergeant
5th Service Re enlisted May 1, 1855, for 5 years, discharged March 1, 1860, by re enlistment, an Ordnance Sergeant
6th Service Re enlisted March 1, 1860, for 5 years -- On the Post Return of Fort Arbuckle for the month of April 1861 (the latest received)

Joseph Alton Sladen, a Civil War veteran and medical school graduate, had the good fortune to accompany Gen. Oliver Howard on his 1872 successful attempt to make peace with Cochise, the Apache leader who battled long against the U.S. government and white settlement in his territory.

he is borne as present for duty. The post was immediately after evacuated by the U.S. troops and nothing has been heard or known of him here, from that to the present time, other than that commmunicated within.
Respectfully submitted
Jas A Sladen
Asst Adjt Genl