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Confirmation of Orders

F/W 1304 M 1863
Respectfully referred to Brig. Genl W. H. Emory for report as to whether the Sergeant was ordered to remain at Fort Arbuckle after the evacuation of that post by the U. S. troops as stated within.
By order
A. G. O.
Oct. 14 / 63
Jas A Hardie
Asst. Adjt. Gen'l
Through Brig. Genl. Camby
who will
sent to Gen
New York
return it
A. G. O.
Oct. 14 / 63
please have this
l E. if still in
If not, he will
to this office

F/W 1304M 1863
Headquarters District of the Frontier
Fort Scott, Kans Oct 17 1863
Brig. Gen'l L. Thomas
Adjutant General
U.S. Army
I have the honor to make the following statement in the case of Franklin Rounds Ordnance Sergeant U.S.A.
He was formerly stationed at Fort Arbuckle and was left there by verbal order of Major Sackett 1st U.S. Cavalry, and was afterwards driven to Texas by the Indians, where he remained several months, but made his escape and succeeded in reaching our lines at Fort Smith Ark. Sept. 21st 1863.
Ordnance Sergeant C.P. Swift U.S.A. is stationed at Fort Smith.
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
Jas G. Blunt
Major General

F/W 1304 M 1863
of concentrating all the Troops at Washita to threaten Texas.
In the mean time I have no reason to doubt Sgt Rounds statement that he was left at Arbuckle by order.
For we left there all the wives + children of the soldiers, who were subsequent-ly brought out of the ___ under a contract made with Sutles Myers, previousl to evacuating the country.
Whether Sergeant Rounds could or should have come out with the women I am [loath] to say and respectfully leave for Colonel Sackett to say
W H Emory
C. S. A.
Mr. O D_urd
___ Park Hotel N.Y.
Oct 16th 1863
When compelled to concentrate the troops of Ft. Smith, Wash-ita, Arbuckle + Cobb, it was at short notice and the breaking up of Fort Arbuckle [to] was entrusted to Colonel then Major Sacket 1 Cav who met me with his command at the looping of the Washita.
Share none of the papers with [me __ence] to that movement and I therefore respectfully say sent that the enclosed to referred to Colonel Sacket, for the specific instruction given by him to Sergeant Rounds.
The letter to which Sgt Rounds refers of spend__ was written with another prediction of things, where Arkansas was supposed to be loyal, and the de-sign was entertained

Respectfully referred to Colonel Sacket, Inspr Genl for report.