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Application for Appointment

37 R37 1851
Jefferson Br. Mo.
Feby 18 1851

Franklin Rounds
Q.Master Sergt 7th Inf.

(one encosure)

Application for appointment of Ordnance Sergt.

By ____ of Sect. of War of May 22, 1850, a Q.M. Sergt is not eligible to appt. of Ord Sergt ___ ______.

Red´d March 3 1851

Head quarters, 7th Infy
Jefferson Barracks, Mo
Feb 18th 1851
To the Adjutant General:
Sir: I forward for consideration of the proper authority, an application for the appointment of Ordnance Sergeant:
Name and Regiment
(The applicant must be a sergeant of the line of the army.)
Letter of
Length of Service
(To be not less than eight years, four of which as non-commissioned officer.)
As non-commissioned Officer In the army
Years Months Years Months
7th Inf
Franklin Rounds
Q.M.Sergt 12 9 13 3 1/2
Enclosed herewith, you will receive the Report of Capt F Gardner Adjutant of the 7th Infantry, in which the sergeant has been serving, to which I add the following Remarks:—[The remarks should relate to the qualifications of the applicant, among which, a legible hand writing is essential.
The above named Qr. Master Sergeant Franklin Rounds is well qualified by education and sober & ind__tion habits to perform the duties of the office of Ordnance Sergeant & is a great clerk.
J. Plympton
Bv Lt USA Comg 7th Inf

37. R. of 1851

Jefferson Barracks, Mo
17th February 1851
This is to certify that I have known Franklin Rounds, QuarterMaster Sergeant of the 7th Infantry, since 1st January 1844 and in any of the different positions he has filled – Orderly Sergeant, Commissary Sergeant, and Quarter Master Sergeant he has always proved himself equal to the trust and confidence bestowed upon him, and has uniformly conducted himself with propriety and good soldierly bearing. – During the campaign in Mexico, and in all the Battles in which his company served, his deportment has been deserving of the highest commendation. – He was present during the Bombardment of Fort Brown, the Battle of Monterey, the siege of Vera Cruz, the Battle of Cerro Gordo, the Battle of Contreras and the entrance into the City of Mexico – also the Battle of Churubusco (which should have been named above)
F. Gardner
Adjutant 7th Infy