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Application for Appointment – Ordnance Sergeant

297 / 311 Plympton (188.)
Descriptive Roll of 1st Sergt F. Rounds of E Co. 7h If
297 R 1846
311 P 1846
232 P 1847
556 P 1848
Capt D.S. Miles´ 7h Inf recommendation of him for an Ordne Sergt to be stationed in Pensacola Harbour

Jany 5 1847

Descriptive Note of Sergt Franklin Rounds of "E" Company 7th Infantry
Names Rank Size Age Where Born Description Occupation Enlistment Period
Feet Inches State County Town Complection Eyes Hair When Where By Whom
Franklin Rounds 1st Sergt Five Seven 1/2 Thirty Five New York Essex Essex Florid Grey Brown Soldier 27th July Barrancas Fla Lt Montgomery Five Years
Understanding Ordnance Sergeant Armstrong stationed at Barrancas Pensacola Harbour is lately deceased, I respectfully recommend 1st Sergt F. Rounds of E. Co 7h Inf. for the situation. His long services and gallant conduct in battle, his peculiar fitness, being an ingenious mechanic and his clerical qualifications, eminently would make him useful in the Ordnance department. Sergt Rounds department and conduct while under my command since March

1843 permits me to say, he is trustworthy of any charge or responsibility _evoling on him.
D. Miles
Cap 7h Inf
E. Co.
Monterey Mexico
28 Nov. 1846 –

Lt F. N. Page
Adj. 7 Inf

Mr Lan:
Please keep these papers until the question of making new appt. of Ord. Sergt. is may be under consideration.
____ 12/47
311 (100.)
297 Rounds
Head Qrs 7h Infantry
Monterey Mexico Nov 27th4

J Plympton
Lt Col 7h Infy Com´dg
311 P 1846
Transmits an application for the appointment of Ordnance Sergeant in the case of Sergt Rounds 7th Infy
File with 297 R of 1846

Jany 5 1847

Joseph Plympton (24 March 1787 – 5 June 1860) was appointed lieutenant in the 4th Infantry at the beginning of the war with Great Britain in 1812, and served on the northern frontier until 1815. He became captain in 1821, major in 1840, and in 1842 commanded during an attack on the Seminole Indians near Dunn's lake, Florida. He became lieutenant-colonel in 1846, led his regiment through the campaign under General Winfield Scott in Mexico, received the brevet of colonel for gallant service at the battle of Cerro Gordo, and was mentioned in the official report for bravery at that of Contreras. In 1853 he was promoted colonel of the 1st US Infantry.

Head Quarters, 7th Infy
Montery Mexico
27th Nov 1846
To the Adj´t Genl:
I forward for the consideration of the proper authority, an application for the appointment of Ordnance Sergeant:
Name and Regiment Letter of
Length of Service
As non-commissioned Officer In the army
Years Months Years Months
Franklin Rounds
7th Infy
E Seven Nine Nine Four
Herewith enclosed you will receive the Report of the Officer Comdg the Company to which the ___ _____ officer belongs, to which I add the following Remarks: —
That from the fitness of the Sergeant in _______ & ____ as _______ the by his company commander; I have respect-fully to recommend him to the ______ _____tion of the Hon. Secy of War.
J. Plympton
Lt Col 7th Inf

Dixon Stansbury Miles was a career United States Army officer who served in the Mexican-American War and the Indian Wars. He was mortally wounded as he surrendered his Union garrison in the Battle of Harpers Ferry during the American Civil War and died September 16, 1862.

232 Recd 4 June '47
Sergt Rounds
(100) 7h Inf
to Bvt Lt Col Miles asking his influence to obtain the appointment of Ord Sergt
–File with 291 R of 1846
Sergt Rounds has long been in service and most of the time as a sergeant. In the Siege of Fort Brown and assault on Monterey his conduct for gallantry was conspicuous and in mention in Gnl. Worth´s report. He has a large family & I regret to learn is failing in health. He has been twice recommended for Ord Sergt in the highest terms – most respectfully refered to Gnl. Jones.
Baltimore D Miles
30 June 47 Bvt Lt Col

Vera Cruz
May 9, 1847
Having received so much indulgence and kindness from the Col while with his compy that I take the liberty of requesting the Col. to finish what he in part has accomplished and also believing that I shall not appeal in vain, when so lately the Col. has Received the well deserved marks of estem from his Country for his often tried bravery. As you are now at, or near the War Dept one word from the Col would procure for me the appointment that he Recommended me for last Jany. I am sick in Good Hospital at this place. I think that exposure and fatigue have mainly broke me down. I suppose it presuming to far in asking or troubling the Col about this matter, but I may not be decieved in thinking that he will use his influence and I am confident that one work from the Col would procure it.
Very Respy
Your Obedient Sevt
F. Rounds
1 Sergt E Co 7th Inf
Col D. S. Miles

Quartermaster Sergeant Charles A E Dutzschky, 5th Army Infantry.

556B [188.]

City of Mexico May 12h 1848
Maj H Bainbridge Comg 7h Inf

Franklin Rounds Sergt Co E' 7 Inf
File with 297 R 1846

Application of Sergt Franklin Rounds of "E" Co. 7h Regt Infy for the appointment of ordnance Sergeant —

Qr. Mr. Sergt [Dlatha?] Dec 31/[49?]
Time expires July 27/50
See decision of Sec. War
page 19 Endorsements 1850
case of Dutzschky.
June 12/48

Head Quarters, 7th Infy
City of Mexico May 12th 1848
To the Adjutant General:
Sir: I forward for consideration of the proper authority, an application for the appointment of Ordnance Sergeant:
Name and Regiment
[The applicant must be a sergeant of the line of the army.]
Letter of
Length of Service
[To be not less than eight years, four of which as non-commissioned officer.]
As non-commissioned Officer In the army
Years Months Years Months
Franklin Rounds 7th Infy "E" Eight Five Ten Six
Herewith enclosed you will receive the Report of Captain Henry Little 7 Inf the officer commanding the the company, in which the sergeant has been serving, to which I add the following Remarks:—[The remarks should relate to the qualifications of the applicant, among which, a legible hand writing is essential.
I ____ his qualifications ample
H. Bainbridge
Major Comd 7th Infy

556 Bainbridge Red
June 12 1848

F/W R-297 1846

City of Mexico May 12h 1848
Captain Henry Little 7h Inf

Descriptive List and remarks Recommending Sergt Franklin Rounds 7h Inf for an appointment as Ordnance Sergt

Descriptive List of Sergt Franklin Rounds of "E" Company 7th Regt U.S. Infantry
Names & Rank Sizes Age Description Where Born Occupation Enlistment
Feet Inches Complection Eyes Hair State Town County Where When By Whom Period
Franklin Rounds Sergt Five Seven + a half Thirty Six Florid Grey Brown New York Essex Essex Soldier 27th July/45 Barrancas Lt Montgomery Five Years
Henry Little
Capt 7th Inf
Comg Co "E"
The above named Sergt. Rounds has performed the duty of 1st Sergt of the Company from 1st May 1841 until the 9th of December 1847 [since] which time he has been emplyed in the Subestence Dept as Comg Seargent. The above Description list is in his handwriting. He was with his Regiment at the Siege of Fort Brown, the taking of Monterrey, the Siege of Vera Cruz, the Battles of Contreras and Churubusco and entered the City of Mexico with it. From his

knowledge of account returns etc. I feel confident that if appointed Ordnance Sergeant, he give satisfaction to the Department.
I am Sir,
very Respectfully,
Your Obt Servt
Henry Little
Cap 7th Inf
Comg Co "E"
Major H Bainbridge
Comg 7 Regt of Infantry
City of Mexico
Respectfully Referned wrote
the letter of application
H Bainbridge
Maj. Comg 7h Inf