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Investigator Report – Dec 18, 1895

McKinney, Texas, December 18, 1895

Catherine Duff
Erin Springs, Ind. Ter.
Ellen Duff
Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co. Ark.
Soldier - Christopher Duff
Musician and Ordnance Sergeant
7th U. S. Infantry


Hon. Commissioner of Pensions
Washington, D.C.

I have the honor to submit my report in the contesting widows cases above cited, which came to me for the testimony of Henry Shackelford, claimant Ellen Duff's first husband, as to divorce. He gave his statement upon the assurance that it would be kept strictly confidential. His reputation is good He says he never obtained a divorce from Ellen, and if she ever obtained one from him he knows nothing of it. Therefore I recommend te rejection of her claim as she is not the legal widow.

2As it appears that the other claimant has

3been guilty of perjury and presenting a false claim I recommend her case for consideration of the Chief of the Law Division

Very respectfully
George M. Flick

Upon reviewing my cases and discovering the criminal features in this I determined to take it up at once.G. M. F.