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Affidavit of Cromwell P. Swift and Matthew Grey

The State of Arkansas
County of Sebastian

Personally appeared before the undersigned authority this day Cromwell P. Swift and Matthew Grey to me well known, and both of whom I certify to be a good reliable Trustworthy and Credible Citizens of the County and State aforesaid, and after being duly sworn According to Law, deposes and say that they and each of them respectively, are personally and well aquatinted with the applicant Lyman. F. Rounds, is this day personally present, that he is about sixty seven years of age and a citizen of Sebastian County in the state of Arkansas, and to the best of their knowledge and belief, he is the same identical Lyman. F. Rounds who was a soldier in the Texas Revolution in 1836. which separated Texas from Mexico. and to whom a Bounty Land Warrant for _____ acres No _____ issued for Military Services rendered the Republic of Texas between the 1st day of January A D 1832 and the 15th day of October A D 1836. Affiants make this statement from having known the said Lyman. F. Rounds personally and intimately for the last twenty four years, and from having heard him talk and speak of his Connection with the Texas Revolution from time to time since their first acquaintance with him. and affiants

state that they have no doubt whatever about the said applicant Lyman. F. Rounds being the identical party he represents himself to be in his said application. and affiants state that they are of no kin to the said Rounds and have no interest in his Pension claim.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this the
11th day of January A D

Cromwell P. Swift
Matthew Grey


In Testimony whereof witness my
hand and seal of office in the
Town of Fort Smith
Arkansas day and date above
written —P. K. Roots
Notary Public