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Affidavit of Lyman F. Rounds

The State of Arkansas
County of Sebastian

Before the undersigned authority this day personally appeared Lyman. F. Rounds to me well known, and after being duly sworn, according to Law, depose and says that he is the exact same Lyman. F. Rounds referred to in the annexed and attached Certificate from the Hon J. J. Groos Commissioner of the General Land Office, of the State of Texas, dated General Land Office – Austin March 6th 1875 — and affiant states that the is positively and absolutly the same identical Lyman. F. Rounds to whom a Bounty Land Warrant No 17 for 1280 acres of land issued at Houston Texas by Barnard E. Bee on the 3rd day of November A. D. 1837. and affiant states that he is the same identical Lyman. F. Rounds to whom ?wa deli????ed the acompanying discharge ?? ?? ?? Texas April 1836.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this the 23rd
day of March A D 1875

Lyman. F. Rounds


In Testimony whereof witness
my hand and seal of office
in the Town of Fort Smith
Arkansas day and date
above written
P. K. Roots
Notary Public