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Affidavit of Lyman F. Rounds

The State of Arkansas
County of Sebastian

Before the undersigned authority this day personally appeared Lyman F. Rounds to me well known, and after being duly Sworn according to Law, deposes and says that he was born in Addison County in the state of Vermont. That he is now sixty seven years of age, and that he emigrated to Texas in the year A D 1836, and that he is the same identical Lyman F. Rounds who enlisted and joined the Company of Captain Henry Teal in the Town of Nacogdoches Texas, in the month of January 1836. That Captain Teal Commanded Company A of the Regulars, and that he was First Sergeant in said Company, and that the said Company were in the service of the people of Texas in the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, affiant states that he and his Company were in the Battle of San Jacinto, on the 21st day of April 1836. and that his Company was Commanded that day by Captain Andrew Briscoe, Captain Teal being sick with the measels, affiant states that on the Battle Field on the 22nd day of April A D 1836 he was presented with, and accepted a 2nd Lieutenants Commission, and that the same was presented to him by Thomas J Rusk, at that time Secretary of War, affiant further states that he resigned his Commission on the

15th day of September A D 1836 while encamped near Victoria, Genl Thomas J Rusk Commanding, and that at the time of his resignation, he was acting Quarter Master and Commissary for the Battalion, composed of Companies A, B, E, & I Regulars. And affiant states that he is the same identical Lyman F. Rounds to whom a Bounty or Donation for _____ acres of Land _____ No _____ issued by the Government of Texas for military Services rendered the People of Texas between the 1st day of January 1832 and the 15th day of October A D 1836. and affiant states that he makes this affidavit and application that he may receive the benifits of the Pension Laws of the state of Texas, approved respectively 13th August 1870 and the 21st April 1874 Granting Pensions to the surviving veterans of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico. In Conclusion affiant states that this is his first application for pension, under the said Laws, and that he is a resident citizen of Fort Smith Ark.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me on this the
11th day of January
A D 1875

Lyman F. Rounds


In Testimony whereof witness my hand and
seal of office in the Town of Fort
Smith day and date above
P. K. Roots Notary Public