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Affidavit of J. B. Johnson

The State of Texas
County of San Augustine

Before the undersigned authority this day personally appeared J. B. Johnson to me well known, and whom I certify to be a good Trustworthy reliable and credible citizen of the said County and state, and after being duly sworn according to Law, deposes and says, That he was personally and well acquainted with the applicant Lyman F. Rounds in the Town of San Augustine Texas in the year 1837. Affiant states that he was the District Clerk of the County of San Augustine Texas and had charge of the office aforesaid for many years and affiant states that he has carefully examined the annexed Power of Attorney executed by the said Lyman F. Rounds and the discharge of the said Rounds hereto attached and that the same are true and genuine correct and Original papers and affiant states that he has no interest whatever in the application of the said Lyman F Rounds for Pension.

J. B. Johnson

Sworn to and subscribed before me in the Town of San Augustine Texas on this the 9th day of March A D 1875.

In Testimony whereof witness my
hand and seal of office day and
date above
W. H. Crouch --
District Clerk of San Augustine County Texas