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Affidavit of Lemuel W. Gilliam

Lemuel W Gilliam born in 1811, married Margaret Ann Vaughn (1822-1910) and had 5 children. He passed away on Oct 1875 in San Augustine, Texas.

1850 Census: San Augustine, Texas
L. W. Gilliam 39
Margaret Gilliam 28
Adelia Gilliam 12
Kenneth Gilliam 5
Mary Gilliam 3
Martha Gilliam 0

1860 Census: San Augustine, Texas
Lemuel W. Gilliam 50
Margaret A. Gilliam 37
Kenneth L. Gilliam 16
Mary Gilliam 14
Martha Gilliam 11
Thomas Gilliam 6
Wm Gilliam 1

1870 Census: San Augustine, Texas (pg 104)
L W Gillum 60
Nancy A Gillum 42
Mary Gillum 20
Martha Gillum 18
Thos Gillum 15
Wm Gillum 10

Lemuel W. GILLIAM b. c1811 TN (place unk) d. bet 1870-1880 San Aug. Co. TX; m1 28 Aug 1837 San Augustine County, Texas Juliett G. MERRY, dau of Calvin & Isabelle _?_ HANKS MERRY. Children: Isabella Adelia (Addie/Delia)GILLIAM b. c1838-d. aft 1880 census (prob. Parker or Jack Co. TX); m.3 Aug 1854 San Aug. Co. Robert D. ARDREY. m2 23 Jun 1844 San Augustine County, Texas Nancy Margaret VAUGHN. Children: Kenneth Lemuel; Mary; Martha; Thomas and William.

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Images created from scans found at Texas State Library and Archives Online CollectionsRepublic Claims

The State of Texas
County of San Augustine

Before the undersigned authority this day personally appeared Lemuel W. Gilliam, to me well known, and whom I certify to be a good Trustworthy and reliable and credible citizen for many years of the County and state aforesaid, and after being duly sworn, according to Law, deposes and says, That he is now Sixty-Four years of age, has resided in the County of San Augustine Texas, since the 1st day of March A D 1836, affiant stated that he is now a Pensioner, under the Law granting Pensions to the surviving veterans of the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico, appeared 13th Augt 1870: and on the 21st April 1874, affiant stated that he is by profession a Carpenter, And he further represents that he is now, and has been personally and well acquainted with Lyman. F. Rounds, now a citizen of Fort Smith, Arkans. and an applicant for Pension from the Government of Texas under the same Law, which the affiant is now a pensioner himself -- since about the 30th day of Augt A D 1836 -- affiant stated that the said applicant, Lyman. F. Rounds, worked with him in his shop in the Town of San Augustine in year A D 1836 & 1837, and the affiant stated that the said applicant Lyman F Rounds is the very same identical Lyman F Rounds who was a member of Capt Henry Teels Company in the Spring of A. D. 1836 in the Revolution which separated Texas from Mexico -- and affiant states that he is the same identical Lyman F. Rounds who received a discharge at San Jacinto in the month of April A D 1836, and which discharge remained in the Clerks Office of San Augustine County Texas -- until recently, and which discharge affiant stated he is informed and believes is now on File with the application of said Rounds for pension and affiant states further that the said applicant Lyman F Rounds, is the same identical Lyman F. Rounds to whom a Bounty Warrant No. 17 for 1280 acres of Land

was issued by Barnard. B. Bee, then secretary of war, and affiant states that he is of no kin whatever to the affiant, and has no interest at all in his claim for Pension, but only make this statement that justice may be done to the applicant Lyman F. Rounds.

Sworn to and subscribed before
me this the 24th day of
March A. D. 1875

L. W. Gilliam


In Testimony whereof witness my hand and seal
of office in the Town of San Augustine, Texas,
day and date above
W. H. Crouch --
District Clerk of San Augustine County Texas