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Personal Time Line for

Mary H. _____

DateEvent Location
? Born unknown location
18?? Marriage 1 married John Rose at unknown
28 Sep 1829 Birth (daughter)Nancy Ann Rose at Clark County, Arkansas
Census - 3 Nov 1850 - Nancy A. White; age 19
Census - 18 Jul 1860 - N. A. White; age 30
Census - 9 Jul 1870 - Nancy A. White; age 41
Census - 29 Jun 1880 - Nancy A. White; age 50
Census - 1900 - Nancy A. White; not found
8 Oct 1830
or 1833/36?
Birth (daughter)Mary Ellen Rose at Clark County, Arkansas
Census - 10 Dec 1850 - E Mc Laughlin; age 20
Census - 7 Jun 1860 - Ellen McLaughlin; age 32
Census - 1 Jun 1870 - Ellen C. McGauglin; age 40
Census - 15 Jun 1880 - Ellen McLlaugin; age 50
Census - 27 Jun 1900 - Ellen McLaughlin; unk 1827, age 73
25 Mar 1833 death of Husband assumed Clark County, Arkansas
26 Mar 1833 note Recieved of M. H. Rose five dollars for making a coffin for John Rose deceased in March the 25th A.D. 1833 - Henry T. Lightfoot
20 Jan 1834 note Mary appointed administrator of Husband's estate
21 Feb 1834 note Sale bill of the property of John Rose deceased
21 Jun 1834 note property of John Rose (deceased) was appraised by Moses Moore and William Pettijohn
10 Jan 1835 Marriage 2 married Lyman Franklin Rounds at Clark County, Arkansas
27 Oct 1835 note Lyman commissioned a Magistrate for the County of Clark, Arkansas
20 Nov 1835 note Lyman sold property Mary received as a result of her first husband's death, the property was sold to Sanford R. Babbit
1 Jan 1836 Enlistment Lyman Franklin Rounds enlisted in Texas Army at Nacogdoches (Regular Infantry Company A)
6 Mar 1836 Enlistment Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. enlisted in Texas Army at Nacogdoches (2nd Regiment Volunteers 1st Infantry Company — Listed as part of rear guard opposite Harrisburg (camp guards, special detail duty or sick) at Battle of San Jacinto.)
15 Sep 1836 note Lyman resigned commision
1836 - 1837 note Lyman is a carpenter in San Augustine, Texas
27 Mar 1837 note Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. sold his rights to two-thirds of a league and labor of land, due him as a Headright while living in Nacogdoches County, Republic of Texas
late 1837 Birth (son) Wilson L. Rounds at Clark County, Arkansas
Census - 3 Nov 1850 - Wilson Lee White age 13
Census - 18 Jul 1860 - W. L. Rounds age 22
21 Oct 1837 note Lyman got into a brawl with Jacob Wingfield
29 Oct 1837 note Lyman left Clark county, Arkansas
8 Nov 1837 Enlistment Lyman enlisted in 7th Infantry Company C at Fort Coffee, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
16 Oct 1839 note Charles Gallaher (wife is Peggy Hoofman) appointed guardian of Ellen; placed in the home of George and Elizabeth (Hoofman) Hannen
19 Oct 1839 note Ellen Rounds 'kidnapped' by Mary H. Rounds and John Moore from the household of Abner Hignight who was in the possession of George Hannan
19 Oct 1839 note Mother prosecuted for 'Kidnapping'
8 Jul 1840 Marriage (dau) Nancy Ann Rose m1. Samuel Simpson at Clark Co., Arkansas.
She would be 10 years old if born in 1829 or 19 years old if born in 1820
17 Dec 1840 Divorce Petition filed
21 Apr 1841 divorce granted
22 Apr 1841 Marriage 3 married John Swanson Yarbrough Jr. at Clark County, Arkansas
11 Apr 1842 note Sanford R. Babbit appointed guardian of Wilson L. Rounds and Nancy Rose
Why appoint a guardian to a married woman?
1842 note Moses Moore granted guardianship of Wilson L. Rounds
28 Feb 1847 Marriage (dau) Nancy Ann Simpson m2. Pleasant White at Pike Co., Arkansas.
She would be 26 years old if born in 1820 or 17 if born in 1829.
9 May 1847 Marriage (dau) Mary Ellen Rose m. David Neal McLaughlin at Hempstead Co., Arkansas.
She would be 19 years old if born in 1827 or 16 if born in 1830 or 13 if born in 1833 or 10 if born in 1836.
9 Feb 1849 Death (husband)Harris County, Texas
Nov 1850 note Mary Ellen & David Neal McLaughlin moved to Gilmer, Upshur Co., TX
7 Dec 1850 note John Swanson Yarbrough Jr. sold his San Jacinto Donation Certificate to C. Ennis
22 months after his death
aft 1851 Died unknown location

Data compiled and prepared by Michael Rounds
Last Updated: Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary H. [--?--] b. ? d. ?
m1. bef 1829 John Rose b. ? d. bef 25 Mar 1833
  1  Nancy Ann Rose b. 28 Sep 1829 (1820?) in Clark Co., Arkansas
                    d. 12 Jul 1907 Quanah, Hardeman Co., Texas
     m1.  8 Jul 1840 at Clark Co., Arkansas Samuel Simpson his age: ??, her age: 10!?!
     m2. 28 Feb 1847 Pike Co., Arkansas Pleasant White his age: 28, her age: 17
                    b. 25 Jun 1818 Tennessee
                    d. 21 Dec 1895 Pike Co., Arkansas
     1  Anthony C. White       b.    April 28, 1848, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.  October 09, 1849, Nathan, Pike Co., Arkansas
     2  Allen B. White         b. February 10, 1852, Nathan, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.   August 04, 1856, Nathan, Pike Co., Arkansas
     3  Mary Agnes White       b.    March 24, 1855, Nathan, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.   August 27, 1881, Corinth Cemetery, Howard Co., Arkansas
        m. 26 Aug 1869 Thomas H. Carter b 1852 Arkansas d 9 Jan 1922 Ralls, Crosby County, Texas
     4  Minerva Frances White  b. December 23, 1857, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.  October 12, 1876, Pike Co., Arkansas
        m. 27 Sep 1874 William W. Watson Pike Co., Arkansas b 1 May 1854 Pike Co., Arkansas
                                                            d 5 Feb 1934 Colorado City, Mitchell County, TX
                                                            br City Cemetery.
     5  Sarah Ann White        b. December 05, 1863, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.  January 04, 1925, Quanah, Hardeman Co., Texas
        m. 6 Aug 1879 Nathan Levi Jones Pike Co., Arkansas b 11 Dec 1856 Pike Co., Arkansas
                                                           d 10 Oct 1915 Quanah, Hardeman Co., TX
     6  William Jordan White   b.    March 17, 1866, Nathan, Pike Co., Arkansas
                               d.  January 21, 1945, Nashville, Howard Co., Arkansas
        m1. 6 May 1888 Mary M. Ferguson Howard County, Arkansas d 30 Mar 1898 Weatherford, Parker Co., TX
        m2. 2 Mar 1900 Mary Leona Ferguson Howard Co., Arkansas b 19 Apr 1874 Howard Co., Arkansas
                                                                d 5 Jan 1968 Nashville, Howard Co., Arkansas
  2  Mary Ellen Rose b. 8 Oct 1830 (1827?/1833?/1836?) Clark County, Arkansas
                       d. 30 Mar 1909 Blackwell, Nolan Co., Texas
     m.  9 May 1847 David Neal McLaughlin Hempstead Co., Arkansas his age: 19, her age: 16
                    b. March 6, 1828 Georgia
                    d. May 15, 1917 Blackwell, Nolan Co., Texas
     1  Daniel "Dee" McLaughlin      b.  October 19, 1849 Arkansas
                                     d.     April 5, 1924 Hylton, Nolan Co., Texas
     2  James Hawthorne McLaughlin   b. December 25, 1851 Upshur Co., Texas
                                     d.      May 16, 1935 Nolan Co., Texas
     3  David Neal McLaughlin, Jr.   b.              1854 Upsur Co., Texas
                                     d.         bef. 1900 Limestone Co., Texas.
     4  Elizabeth McLaughlin         b.              1857 Limestone Co., Texas
                                     d.        March 1888 Texas
        m. 20 Jul 1876 John Ashley Hill, Navarro County, Texas b. 1857 TX, d. 1896 TX
     5  William Franklin McLaughlin  b.              1859 Gilmer, Upshur Co., Texas
                                     d.         bef. 1900 Brown Co., Texas
        m. 26 Mar 1882 Nancy Enole "Pinky" Jordan, Limestone Co., TX.
     6  Flora Ann McLaughlin         b.  January 31, 1861 Upshur Co., Texas
                                     d.      May 27, 1933 Nolan Co., Texas
        m. 2 Sep 1882 William Hugh Magness, Groesbeck, Limestone Co., TX; b 2 Sep 1860 Wise Co., TX;
                                                                          d 9 Dec 1937 Runnels Co., TX.
     7  Julia Ann McLaughlin         b.  January 31, 1861 Gilmer, Upshur Co., Texas
                                     d.      July 7, 1933 Nolan Co., Texas
        m. 1884 Benjamin Nicholas Best
     8  Ellen A. McLaughlin          b.              1866 Upsur Co., Texas
                                     d.         bef. 1900
m2. 10 Jan 1835 Lyman Franklin Rounds in Clark County, Arkansas
  3  Wilson L. Rounds b. abt late 1837 d. 1 Dec 1862
     m. 18 May 1861 at Columbia, Arkansas Mary E. Thornton b. ? d. ?
m3. 22 Apr 1841 Clark Co., Arkansas John Swanson Yarbrough Jr.
                                   b. 27 Mar 1819 Fort Monroe, Hempstead Co., Arkansas
                                   d. 9 Feb 1849 Harris Co., Texas
  no known children

Census transcriptions/images

White, Pleasant - 1850 Census: Brewer Township, Pike County, Arkansas
White, Pleasant - 1860 Census: Muddy Fork Township, Pike County, Arkansas
White, Pleasant - 1870 Census: Muddy Fork Township, Pike County, Arkansas
White, Pleasant - 1880 Census: Muddy Fork Township, Pike County, Arkansas

Mc Laughlin, David - 1850 Census: Upsher District, Upshur County, Texas
McLaughlin, David - 1860 Census: Gilmer PO, Upshur County, Texas
McGauglin, David - 1870 Census: Eutaw PO, Limestone County, Texas
McLlaughin, blank - 1880 Census: 4 pct, District 133, Navarro County, Texas
McLaughlin, Daniel - 1880 Census: Springfield & Tehuacana, Limestone County, Texas
McLaughlin, Jas - 1900 Census: Armour, Limestone County, Texas
McLaughlin, James - 1910 Census: Blackwell, Nolan County, Texas


from http://www.rootsweb.com/~arpcahs/pcahsolr/deed01/deed0015.htm
Clark County, Arkansas Deed Book B, 1824-1837, page 117.

Lyman F. Rounds to Sandford R. Babbit
Bill of Sale

This is to certify that I, Lyman F. Rounds have Bargained sold and delivered, by the consent of Mary H. Rounds the proper owner, a certain Improvement or plantation formerly owned and known as the property of the late John Rose Deceased, to Sanford R. Babbit, his heirs and assigns forever, the said plantation being in Section 18, North East quarter section in the Township of Antoine, Clark County A.T. This 20th day of November 1835.

Signed Lyman F. Rounds
Signed Mary (her x mark) Rounds


John (his x mark) Hoofman sen.

Territory of Arkansas,
County of Clark,

I Jas. S. Ward, Clerk of the Circuit Court & exofficio recorder for said County, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing Bill of Sale from Lyman F. Rounds and Mary H. Rounds to Sanford R. Babbit was this day produced to me in my office by the said Sandford Babbit and ordered to be recorded which is duly done.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Clerk & exofficio recorder as aforesaid and affixed the seal of office. This 21st day of November A.D. 1845 [sic, should be 1835] and of the American Independence sixtieth year.

Jas. S. Ward, Clerk
& exofficio recorder.


"State of Arkansas
County of Clark
The grand jurors of the state of Arkansas as Empannelled, Elected, sworn and charged to enquire in and for the body of the county of Clark aforesaid in the state of Arkansas aforesaid upon their oaths present that Jacob Wingfield late of the county of Clark aforesaid in the state of Arkansas aforesaid heretofore, to wit, on the twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty seven with force and arms in the said county of Clark aforesaid in the state of Arkansas aforesaid and in and upon one Lyman F. Rounds in the peace of the state of Arkansas then and there being: did make an assault: and him the said Lyman F. Rounds, then and there did beat, wound and ill treat: and other wrongs to him the said Lyman F. Rounds then and there did: to the great damage of him the said Lyman F. Rounds: contrary to the form of the statute in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the state of Arkansas - This indictment is found upon the presentment of Adam Stroud and Abner Hignight two of the grand jurors. John Field" (November 2, 1837) Lymen/Lyman left the state never to be heard from again. Jacob Wingfield stayed in Clark County and faced the charges and paid a fine of $50.00.


Mary H. Rounds, was prosecuted in Greenville, Clark County, AR on October 19, 1839 because she "forcible took from the household of Abner Hignight a girl named Ellen Rounds, who was in the possession of George Hannan in whose posession she was placed by her lawful guardian { Charles Gallahar}. Elizabeth Hannen tried to stop her saying she would rather die than give the child up. A struggle ensued and a man by the name of John Moore intervened and put the child up on a horse with her mother. Mary and the child rode off."

Mary H. Rounds, Compt. | Petition for a Divorce
       vs              | from the bonds of
Lymen F. Rounds, Deft. | matrimony ~~
                       | Before the Clerk of the
                       | Clark County Cir-
                       | cuit Court In
                       | ?acationaim

This day Circit the Seventeenth day of December AD1840 came the said complain ant by her solicittors, and upon filing with the clerk of the circuit court of Clark County afou said the written offedout of Mary H. Rounds that the said defendant is not a resident of the state of Arkansas, moves the said clerk for an order of publication, to be directed to the said defendant, notifying him of the complainants said petition & bill and stating fully the substance of the allegations and prayer of the same, and requiring him to be and appear, on or before t? fourth day of the next term of our circuit cour? of Clark County in the state of Arkansas, be fore the honourable judge thereof, A a circuit court to be holden and open at the court how in Greenville in the aforesaid county and state, on the third monday of April in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and forty one, and answer, or plead or demur to the complainants said Petition and Bill or that the same and the allegations therein contained will be taken for confefsed. The substance of the Complainants said Petition and Bill is as follow eth, towit that she the said Mary H. Rounds was lawfully married to and with the said Lymen F. Rounds on or about the 10th day ofjanuary A.D.1835 in the county of Clark a foresaid and that the said Lymen F. xxxxxx [Rounds crossed out] on or about the 29th day of October A.D.1837/9 wulfully deserted and absented himself from the said Mary H. without any reasonable cause whatsover him there to moving and [page break] ins?go?ing and that the said defendant has remained absent and lived separate & apart from the said complainant ever since which is now a term of more that three years. And the said Compainant prays in her said Petition and Bill a divorce from the bounds of ma trimony by her coutratid and entired into with and to the said defendant, & that the Laws he abfsolued, etc.. And it is further ordered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Clark County aforesaid, that a true and certified copy of the foregoing order be published in the Washingtion Tel- egraph a news paper printed in this state, (towit, in the state of Arks.) for eight weeks succefsevely, the last insertion to be, at lease, four weeks before the commencement of the next term of the honourable Clark Circuit Court aforesaid.

          A True Copy from the Record
               Atestith,  James F. Ward
                            Clerk C.C.C.
     (Saml. Moore, solicitor)


              | Third Monday in April, in the April
Circuit Court | Term of the Clark County Circuit Court
              | A.D.1841------------------------------

To the honourable William Conway B. Judge of the Circuit Court of Clark County, in Chancery setting.

Your petition Mary H. Rounds of Clark Coun ty in the state of Arkansas represents unto your Hon our that she was lawfully married to and with one Lymen F. Rounds late of the said County, about the tenth day of January A.D. eighteen hun dred and thirty five in the County of Clark afore said, whereby your petitioner became and was a law ful wife of the said Lymen F. Rounds, and shee [that?] is such lawful wife, but the said Lymen F. Rounds forgetful of his relotue duty of husband towards your petitoner aforesaid did on or about the twenty ninth day of October A.D. eighteen hun- dred and thirty-seven wilfully desert and ab sent himself from your petitioner, towit, the afore said Mary H. Rounds without any reasonable cause whatever him thaemto moving and instiga ting and that the said Lymen F. has remained ab sent and lived seporate and apart from your said petitioner ever since - which is now a term of more than three years. Therefore your said petitioner forays your Honour for a divorce from the bounds of matrimony by her coutinded and entired into with and to the said Lymen F. Rounds, and that the same may be difsolved, and she disengaged therefrom for ever by the order sentince and de creee of the honourable court and your said peti tioner further prays your honour for an order of publication to be ordered to H. published H. for eight weeks succefsivily H. and your petitioner a in duty bound will ever pray H.

          Saml. Moore
          Solicitor of the Compt.
State of Arkansas |
Clark County      | Js

Be it remembered that on this 17th day of December inthe year of our Lord eighteen hun- [page break] dred and forty personally appered before me the undersigned justice of the peace in a d for Clark County aforesaid Mary H. Rounds who being first duly sworn according to law doth in her corpo ral oath depise and say that in fact set forth in her aforesaid petition and bill are true so far as stated on her own Knowledge and [so crossed out] as stated from the information of others she believes them to be true. and that the (her) complaint is not made our of duty, or by collusion, fear or restranit between her the said petitioner and complain- ant and the said Lyman F. Rounds who is the defendant in the said petition and bill, for the mere purpose of being seporated from each other, but in sincerily and birth and for the causes therein set forth. And she in said Mary H. Rounds furth saith that the said Lym en F. Rounds is not a resident of or redising in the State of Arkansas, but was on his way to the Territory of Florida the last information she had of him and further this offical sayeth not.

(signed) Mary X H. Rounds

Sworn to and subscribed this 17th day of December A.D. 1840 aforesaid before me the said justice of the peace in and for the county and state aforesaid.

Jas S. Ward J.P.


from http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/s/m/e/Renee-Smelley/BOOK-0001/0021-0001.html
Renee Smelley, IRSmelley2@aol.com

State of Arkansas
County of Clark
I hereby certify that I solemnized the rites of matrimony between Swanson John Yarborough aged twenty two, and Mary H. Rounds, both of Clark County Arkansas, on the 22nd day of April A. D. 1841.



On October 20, 1862, as family tradition goes, John Swanson Yarbrough was shot and killed in his corral by a horse trader, over a horse trade that seems to have gone sour. He was buried at Yarbrough Bend, a few hundred yards from the bend of the river that was named for him. He was described as a robust red-head with a temper to match, but 88 years for him to live in those days proves the toughness of the early settlers of Texas. His wife, Frances Yarbrough, died of an unknown illness at Ft. Ewell in 1868, while helping with the birth of a child. She was brought back to Yarbrough Bend and buried next to Swanson in the little family cemetery on the Rio Frio. The United States Department of Reclamation, when building Choke Canyon Dam over the Frio River, removed the graves from Yarbrough Bend Cemetery to Hilltop Cemetery in Tilden, the McMullen County seat.

The known children of John Swanson Yarbrough and his wives include:
John Swanson Yarbrough, Jr. born March 27, 1819, Arkansas, married April 22,1841, Mary Rose Rounds, in Clark Co.,Ark., died February 9, 1849, from injuries falling from a horse.


YARBOROUGH, SWANSON, Jr. -- Came to Texas in 1835 as is shown in Headright Certificate No. 50 issued to him March 1, 1838 for one-third of a league of land by the Houston County Board of Land Commissioners. He was living in Houston County October 26, 1842 when he appointed Isaac Parker his agent to locate his headright. On the muster rolls at the General Land Office Mr. Yarborough is shown as having enlisted in Captain Hayden Arnold's Nacogdoches Company March 6, 1836. He was a member of Captain Arnold's Company at San Jacinto and on November 26, 1850 received Donation Certificate No. 238 for 640 acres of land for having participated in the battle.

Mr. Yarborough was living in Nacogdoches County March 27, 1837 when he sold his rights to two-thirds of a league and labor of land, due him as a Headright to Isham Parmer. This is shown in Book A, page 19, Deed Records of Nacogdoches County. He could not write but affixed his mark to the deed. He was living in Harris County December 7, 1850 when he sold his San Jacinto Donation Certificate to C. Ennis.