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THE PURCELL REGISTER (Purcell, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory) - Friday, May 13, 1892

Erin Springs, I. T., May 9, '92. Again the sad messenger has been in our midst and this time claimed the founder and foundation of our little town. Col. Frank Murray died at his home in Erin Springs, I. T., May 6th, 1892, at six o'olock a. m. and was buried on the 8th; funeral services conducted by Father Vincent, of Purcell.

He was born in Londonderry, North Ireland, and at the age of 18 years, came to America. In 1871 he married and settled at this place -- then almost a wilderness.

None are more widely known in the Indian Territory and but few have left a more honored name behind them. He was a true husband, a loving father and a substantial friend.

His funeral procession was the largest this country has ever known. Friends came for miles to bid him a last farewell.

For weeks he had hovered on the brink of the grave, and through it all his loving wife was untiring in her efforts to administer to his wants and allevlate (sic) his suffering. Her virgil (sic) never ceased until his true, noble heart was stilled in death. He has paid the debt and gone only a little while before. Surely his noble deeds have paved the way to that eternal home -- "that mystic bourne from whence no traveler has yet returned."

To his family he has left the greatest of all gifts -- a name honored and unsullied. His family is not alone in their bereavement, neither are they the only ones who will feel his loss. His hand and purse were ever open to charity's call and, although his generosity and friendship were often abused, his heart was never hardened. If a trust was betrayed today he would lend a helping hand to-morrow. But now he is at rest.