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unknown, possibly Elizabeth Mathes


Bazemore, Ann Frances

Bazemore, Ann Frances, 1889

Bazemore, Ann Frances w/ Howard, Martha Dent, 1908

Howard, Ann Frances Bazemore

RP (Robert Patrick) DAP (Daddy Pat)




Campbell, Maude

Campbell, Maud w/ Crawford

Jerry Carson

James Delmarter family, 1910/11


Howard, Crawford Leonidas

Howard, Crawford Leonidas, 1883

Howard, William Dunlap

Howard, William Dunlap, 1891

Howard, William Dunlap, early 1900

Howard, William Dunlap, 1920

Howard, Martha Dent, 20 Oct 1908

Howard, Martha at Ardmore, 1909

Howard, Martha4 and Maud8M, 1912

Howard, Martha Dent, 1914

Great Great Grandmother Mammy, Beth, Mary F, & Anne, 1931 at Beth´s in Prattville


Kolbe, John

Kolbe, Conrad, 1870

Mathes, Elizabeth, 1870

Kolbe, Conrad

Mathes, Elizabeth, 1889

Kolbe Farm House, about 1900

Kolbe, Henry Jacob, 1900

Kolbe, Henry Jacob, 1919

Kolbe, Henry E, 1 June 1930

Kolbe, Henry E, 1932

Kolbe, Mary R, 1934

Enfield, Virginia, 1935

Kolbe 4 Generations

Kolbe 4 Generations

Kolbe 4 Generations

Kolbe, Henry and Grandmother

Kolbe, Family

Kolbe, Waterloo, Wi, 1946

Howard, Mattie (Meme)

Kolbe, Mary Anne, Mattie, Martha

Kolbe, Mary Anne

Kolbe, Marte


The Sun, Baltimore, Sunday Morning, October 29, 1903


Law, Thomas Jefferson

Law, Thomas Jefferson, 1860-65

Law, Sarah Ann w/ Bazemore Kids, 1890

Law, Sarah Ann Lamar, 1920

Law, Elizabeth, 1918

Law, Elizabeth, 1948

Sarah Lamar and grandchildren, 1896/7


McNary family, 1892


Henry Reeves

Peter Reeves

John and Frank Reeves, circa 1930

Maria Reeves Kirk


Frank and Sarah Rounds with Nathan and Lilla, circa 1872

Nathan and Lilla Rounds, circa 1875

Nathan Rounds, circa 1890

Sarah Reeves Rounds

Sarah Reeves Rounds, circa 1920

Photo Postcard (front), February, 1911

Photo Postcard (back)


William Spikings family, 1909

Spikings Family Reunion, 1922

Spikings, Lucile Delmarter and Ed age 9m, 1933