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Indecipherable 1833 handwriting

The following snippets came from the handwritten court transcript of the General Court Martial of Lyman Franklin Rounds held on 28 May 1833 at Fort Towson, Indian Territory.

Image Context Thoughts
The Court met persuant to adjournment. SOLVED: I was expecting something like "called", "returned", "opened" or "convened". Changing the previous word from "was" to "met" and then "persuant" fit. Research discovers that a common phrase at the time was "persuant to adjournment."
The two fires of the different parties were so near together, ... SOLVED: Expected "gun" or "rifle". Found "two" later in the document and they match.
... immediately assented to by the balance of the party. SOLVED: First thought "sal and"
Did you see the party I was with ... SOLVED: I was expecting something like "see" but that is surely an "r" for the last character. Oh, an e more like a capital E / backwards 3.
Do you know there were any shots from ... SOLVED: First though the last two words were "the men", but if the first is "know", then "there were" fits better.
... what character I bore from the time I joined ... SOLVED: Expecting "shown", but "bore" seems to fit.
Feeling the greatest assurance of receiving the ... SOLVED: The "ing" is prominent, the rest is based on context.
... the strictest justice from ... SOLVED: The descender from the previous line makes it harder, but "strictest" seems to fit.
... I will venture as briefly as ... SOLVED: The "vent" is pretty clear, rest from context.
... self aggrieved & for ___ of discretion, ... Context suggest "matters" or "reasons", neither seems to fit. Currently believe this to be "want".
... same crime & ___ for the second act ... By context maybe "then" or "some". Descender from previous line distracts... Hmm, maybe "how"? Currently believe this to be "then".
... it would naturally be supposed it would ... SOLVED: The "pp" and ending "d" are obvious, "supposed" fits by context.
... it would fucate in my favor ... Context expects something like "seem to be"
The Court after mature deliberation ... SOLVED: Context expects something like "making", which this surely is not. Research discovers that a common phrase at the time was "mature deliberation."
... on the testimony adduced, find the ... SOLVED: The "add" and "ed" both seem obvious. Context suggests "advanced", although "admitted" may be another term by context. Neither seems to fit. Research discovers that a common phrase at the time was "testimony adduced."
adduced: to bring forward or offer in argument or evidence.