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History of Indian Territory
Descriptive, Biographical and Genealogical, with a General History of the Territory
by D.C. Gideon
New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1901
pages 399-400

Mrs. Alzira (McCaughey) Murray

Mrs. Frank MURRAY is one of the well known and highly esteemed ladies of the Chickasaw Nation residing in Erin Springs. She is a daughter of John and Sophie (DIBRELL) McCAUGHEY. Her father was born December 8, 1822, and was a native of Ireland, and her mother was a native of Mississippi and belonged to the Choctaw Indian Nation. Mr. and Mrs. McCAUGHEY were married in their native state, and the father at the time of the Civil War was enlisted for service in the Confederate Army and died in the siege of Vicksburg, on the 24th of June 1863. In 1865 Mrs. McCAUGHEY came to the Territory with her five children, namely:
i....Emmet McCAUGHEY
ii.. Alzira McCAUGHEY
iii..Hibernia McCAUGHEY, now deceased
iv..Talulah McCAUGHEY, now deceased
v...J.C. McCAUGHEY, who is known as Major McCaughey
The mother long survived her husband and departed this life December 8, 1882.

The maternal grandparents of Mrs. Frank MURRAY were Charles and Alzira (MITCHELL) DIBRELL. The latter was a daughter of Mollie FULSOM, and a sister of Israel FULSOM, who was CHIEF of the CHOCTAW Nation. Mr. and Mrs. DIBRELL came to the Territory about 1856 and his death occurred in 1860, while his wife passed away in 1866. They had four children, all of whom have now passed away.

Mrs. MURRAY, whose name introduces this review, was educated in the Mississippi Female Seminary, at Starksville, Mississippi, and at the age of eighteen she gave her hand in marriage to William POWELL, a native of Ireland. He died not long afterward, leaving his widow and little daughter, Anita POWELL, who has since become the wife of Lewis LINDSAY.

For her second husband, Mrs. POWELL married Frank MURRAY, the wedding being celebrated April 30, 1871. He was born in the Emerald Isle and served as foragemaster for the Union Army. His birth had occurred in 1832, and when eighteen years of age he crossed the Atlantic to the new world. As he had no capital, he began life here by working in the employ of others. He was in New Orleans during the yellow fever epidemic and afterward made his way to Sherman, Texas, arriving with only a dollar. Subsequently he began carrying the mail from Fort Washitaw to Fort Arbuckle, securing the contract from the government and acting in that capacity until the Civil War. At the latter date he went to Paul's Valley, where he engaged in the cultivation of five hundred acres of land. As before stated, on the 30th of April 1871, he married Mrs. POWELL, and for a year they resided upon a ranch, where Mr. MURRAY followed farming and cattle-raising. In his business he was very successful, becoming an extensive shipper. On one occasion he disposed of six thousand head of cattle at a single sale and realized therefrom a very large profit. A disaster at one time came to him, however, through a partnership with Wyatt WILLIAMS, of Ardmore. While they were arriving on business together they lost quite a sum of money, but during the greater part of his active career Mr. MURRAY prospered in his undertakings and won a very handsome competence, in fact was known as one of the wealthy citizens of the Territory. He owns eight thousand acres of land, which for many years was the largest farm in the Territory. In 1883 he erected a fine mansion at a cost of twelve thousand dollars, one of the most beautiful and attractive homes in this portion of the country.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank MURRAY were born eight children, but the first four, John, Emmet, Rose, and Frankie, are now deceased. Erin and Lulu MURRAY are still living, but Ila and Mamie MURRAY, the younger members of the family, have also passed away. Erin MURRAY was educated in St. Louis, Nashville, Purcell and in Denison, Texas, completing her course by graduation at St. Xavier's Academy, at the last named place, in June 1899. Lulu MURRAY was also graduated in the same school in June 1900, and Mrs. LINDSAY, the older sister (Anita Powell Murray) , was also a graduate there.

Since her husband's death, Mrs. Frank MURRAY has had control of the farm, has paid up the debts left on the ranch and in the management of her extensive and important business affairs has been very successful, displaying superior executive force and keen discernment. She erected a fine residence at Purcell in addition to the home at Erin Springs. She is a stockholder in the First National Bank of Chickasha, also of the Chickasaw National Bank, and is a stockholder in the Mill and Elevator at Paul's Valley and in the Electric Light Company at Purcell. She manages her extensive business interests with marked ability and at the same time possesses all those womanly and gracious traits of character which wins for a woman the respect and sincere admiration of all with whom she is brought in contact.