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History of Indian Territory
Descriptive, Biographical and Genealogical, with a General History of the Territory
by D.C. Gideon
New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1901
page 943

Jerry Carson

Jerry Carson was born at Fort Gibson, April 15, 1846. His father, Lindy (Lindsay) Carson, was a brother of Kit Carson, the famous Indian fighter, exrlorer and mountaineer. He came to the lndian Territory in a very early day and died in California in 1849. His wife, who in her maidenhood was America Monk, was a native of Ft. Gibson, born in 1827. Her parents died in the Indian Territory. The death of the paternal grandfather of our subject occurred in Missouri.

Jerry Carson pursued his education in the territory, and throughout his entire life he has been engaged in dealing with cattle. He has a large farm and pasture lands. His cultivated fields comprise about 600 acres. In the pastures are now extensive herds of cattle of good grades, and his familiarity with the business, his enterprise and keen discernment have brought to him good success. As a companion and helpmeet on life's journey he chose Miss Lulu (Talulah) McCaughey, a daughter of John McCaughey, who is mentioned on another page of this work in connection with the history of Mrs. Frank Murray. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Carson has been blessed with six children, namely: Hibernia, Cora, Rose, James, Juanita and John Milton. The children were all given good educational advantages in the territory, and Hibernia and Cora have also attended Arkadelphia College. Hibernia is now the wife of Charley See, and they have one child, Lulu. Mrs. Carson, was called to her final rest in 1893 and her death was deeply mourned by her many friends as well as her immediate family. In religious faith the family are Methodists. Socially Mr. Carson is connected with Purcell Lodge No. 11, I.O.O.F. He is a man of sterling worth, strong purpose and marked individuality, and in the control of his business interests he has won creditable success.